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news : Safety : Jump Plane Crashes Near Lodi

Jump Plane Crashes Near Lodi

A Cessna 208 was left upside down in a field just off Jahant Road, near Lodi Airport on Thursday 12 May when the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing. While it is unclear what caused the emergency landing and no official statement on the cause has been given -- the following was posted on the forums.

"One of my friends was on this load. Apparently they opened the door at 1000 feet and smelled fuel, everyone sat down and clipped in, then the engine failed and the plane landed upside down after clipping a nearby SUV.

This is just what I heard, not confirmed"

The owner of the dropzone had told the media that while they still weren't certain of the exact reasons behind the failure, he could confirm that the propeller had stopped spinning, forcing the landing.

The plane was being operated by Parachute Center and there were eighteen individuals on board at the time of the crash. Thanks to the effect use of restraints in the plane, despite the fact that it was lying upside down, all eighteen passengers walked away from the incident without injuries.

However, it was not only the passengers aboard the Cessna that found themselves subject to the situation. While making the emergency landing the plane just clipped the tail of an SUV with two individuals inside. Thankfully it was merely a small nick to the vehicle and both the driver and passenger of the vehicle walked away with nothing more than a bit of shock.

Showing that nothing can keep a dedicated jumper out of the sky, several of the passengers aboard the crashed plane returned to the dropzone to continue jumping, just moments after the crash.

Discussions on this incident are currently taking place in the Plane Crash - Lodi 12 May 2016 thread.

Update: 16 may 2016

Footage has now been released from inside the aircraft which can be viewed below:

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nicsoew  2016-05-13

I would jump out at 1000 ft deploying reserve.

davenuk  2016-05-13

"several of the passengers aboard the crashed plane returned to the dropzone to continue jumping"

love it.

"hey chad, this plane's broke, lets go get another"


fcajump  2016-05-13

Nicsoew - please don't do that while the plane is controllable unless/until the PIC says to. Your departure can be the thing that causes the plane to loose control, endangering all the rest of those on board.

For those that question the use of seat belts (including those discussing the issue in Canada), please note the difference in the outcome here to others in our past.

LloydDobbler  2016-05-14

Echoing what fcajump said, 100x.

petermore  2018-07-04

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