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news : Press Releases : SKYPRO: Amazing Mobile App for the Real Skydiver!

SKYPRO: Amazing Mobile App for the Real Skydiver! (Visit this link)

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App stores are littered with an unprecedented number of apps, many of which are never downloaded, and for good reason. Skydiving apps, though, are few in number, with very few delivering quality content and tools for students and trained jumpers. Not anymore.

Yesterday SKYPRO, the first real skydiving app, debuted on the Apple App Store for download. And it doesn't disappoint.

The FREE download includes several features including a Basic Safety Requirements (BSR) brush up quiz/game, GPS/Map information for every USPA drop zone in the world with GPS functionality to get you there and back, Aerial views of every USPA drop zone, and critical documents to include the Free online version of the USPA SIM, and FAA regs.

The app includes several features that can be accessed through in-app purchases, to include:

1. Interactive USPA (A-D) License Practice Exams with 1000's of exam questions, aimed to make you a better skydiver. Use these to gain an edge and stay safer in the air by sharpening your skydiving skills.

2. Plug & Go calculators. This is the ultimate skydiving tool for quickly calculating Wing Loading, Time of Descent, Canopy Drift, and Freefall Drift.

The developers have announced that the Android version will soon follow this version. Exciting!

Finally, an app worth using at the drop zone!

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By Paul Karaffa on 2013-05-12 | Last Modified on 2013-05-16

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