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news : Press Releases : In-Flight HUD to Assist Wingsuit Pilots

In-Flight HUD to Assist Wingsuit Pilots

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Vancouver, Canada – 18th October, 2012 – Recon Instruments, award winning innovator of Heads-up Display (HUD) technology for action sports, is excited to announce the limited release of an innovative HUD designed specifically for precision human flight. Flight HUD is available to pre-order from Recon Labs.

Recon’s HUDs have already revolutionized the way wingsuit pilots Jeb Corliss and supermodel-adventurer Roberta Mancino fly by delivering flight-critical data, direct-to-eye. Via the suite of onboard sensors the HUD, originally designed for snow sports, has been customized to display glide ratio, speed and altitude via a micro LCD screen sitting unobtrusively inside the pilot’s goggle.

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To guarantee production, Recon Instruments has set a requirement of 250 pre-orders of the bespoke HUD, available on Recon’s special projects website, Recon Labs. The website has been launched especially for such projects, allowing Recon to respond to demand for special case HUDs from different sports communities.

Click here to hear what Jeb Corliss has to say about how Flight HUD has made him a better pilot.

Tom Fowler, Chief Marketing Officer of Recon Instruments added, “We are inundated with requests from athletes and participants from a wide variety of sports to create bespoke HUDs for their specific use. Flight HUD is Recon’s first special project whereby a certain number of pre-orders will unlock a special production. We are really excited to be able to offer human flight athletes the same information traditional pilots have been using for decades and know this breakthrough will re-define their flying experience.”

Flight HUD is available from for $299USD for the first 250 pre-orders and $349USD thereafter. Price includes Recon Ready goggles.

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jeb  2012-10-19

Nickelmouse For wing-suit pilots forward speed is more important. 3D speed can be fooled by diving to much. It can make your over all speed seem greater then it really is. If you have horizontal speed mixed with glide it shows real performance gains when flying the wing-suit. So as you start raising your angle of attack you can actually see what is making you fly faster forward. With 3D speed the number could be going up because you are just falling at the ground faster with out really moving forward any faster. There are a lot of wing-suit races coming in the very near future and these HUD gauges are going to be crucial in training for them...

skywombat  2012-10-19

I wonder if they will allow software modification, for those proficient with ARM systems. This really has potential as a general-purpose platform.

Nickelmouse  2012-10-19
5 out of 5 stars

THAT - IS -AWESOME. One thought though, as an aircraft pilot, I could see airspeed being far more useful than GPS based horizontal speed. Much like how their SKI-model provides 3D based GPS speed. Then using the 2D "horizontal speed" to calculate glide angle. Any thoughts? I'm not a wing-suit flyer yet, so I'm curious what would be preferable. What's more important/relevant?

htrammel  2012-10-20

Okay. Looks cool. But stop calling it a HUD. By definition, a HUD does not require the pilot to divert vision. This is not a HUD, it's a display. Pretty cool one, but not a HUD. BTW: was Jeb wearing one when he hit the planet? Good job not dying, dude. Glad you're back in the game.

flipper  2012-10-23

Total junk

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