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Skydiving Video Games

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With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V, we've decided to take a look at some of the video games out there that offer players the ability to skydive in their gameplay. While dedicated skydiving games are few and far between and mostly awful, there are some big budget games out there that provide in game base jumping or skydiving. The introduction of these activities usually take place during missions when playing the single player campaign or story modes. Other games tend to introduce the activity only when playing multiplayer.

Grand Theft Auto (Series)

The GTA series is perhaps one of the most controversial video games series made to date. The game has seen protests, attempts to ban sales and mothers up in arms over the content. In a game where you run the streets killing, hijacking and beating anyone who you come across, it's easy to see why. For those who are less inclined to rob stores and toss dollars at pixelated strippers, the game also offers some great aviation related missions.

Parachuting was introduced into the game with the release of GTA: San Andreas in 2004 but was then not present in the retail copy of GTA IV. Later the GTA IV expansion, "The Ballad of Gay Tony" reintroduced the parachute and fans were once again finding buildings to base jump off of. In the latest release of the game, GTA V once again offers players the ability to skydive and base jump. The parachuting gameplay is introduced in the story line when one of your characters is required to undergo aviation training (airplane, helicopter and skydiving) in order to complete one of the missions. You begin by having to land on a moving target, so essentially your first handling of the canopy is an accuracy jump. You will also then be able to make jumps with your parachute outside of that mission training, whether you're hijacking an aircraft to jump out of, or finding a building to make a base jump from.

When it comes to the skydiving gameplay, you're able to track during freefall and once you open your canopy (rather hard usually too), you're then able to navigate with regular turns or sharp turns - and flare for your landings. The canopy design is somewhat disappointing with what someone on our social media page aptly called an "Air-Unlock" canopy, with both front and back of the cells being open. There is a slight delay on the canopy opening, as to be expected for realsm, but it still opens quick enough for you to get some fair low jumps in.

Finding locations that are high enough to base jump off of is a challenge sometimes, but rewarding when you find that perfect exit point and maybe do some proxy tracking. While this game extends so much further than just skydiving, the gameplay of the skydiving make it one of our top recommendations. As stated before, this game is definitely not for the sensitive type.

Videos of Skydiving and Base Jumping in GTA

Saints Row (Series)

Another game aimed at the maturer audience, Saints Row offers gamers the chance to do some couch base jumping. Skydiving and base jumping have been available in the series since Saints Row 2, but only in Saints Row The Third did the gameplay of parachuting become really fun. The 2013 release of Saints Row IV also saw the act of base jumping and skydiving being kept. The base jumping in Saints Row The Third is somewhat similar to that of GTA San Andreas, where the canopy is quick to open. In fact it becomes a little bit annoying just how quick they open, you are able to base jump off 50 foot objects with ease. The skydiving experience otherwise is quite standard, you're able to track your player before pulling and then control your canopy once it's open.

Unlike GTA, where your jumps are either mission related or purely because you want to throw yourself out of a plane, or off a building or cliff side - Saints Row The Third allows you to set a target once you have jumped, and steering your canopy so that you land as close to that mark as possible will earn you reputation in the game. Saints Row IV, which was only recently released also allows for naked base jumping.

If you're looking to perform dirty low jumps, buying Saints Row The Third is definitely a good option. The game is now quite old and you can pick it for quite a reasonable price.

Videos of Skydiving and Base Jumping in Saints Row

Battlefield 3

If you're looking for some skydiving game action without the senseless street violence or sexual content, then Battlefield 3 may be better option. While the Battlefield 3 campaign mode was entirely too short and didn't include skydiving in it, the multiplayer mode which is still played by thousands of people offers the ability to also both skydive or base jump. Unlike the previously mentioned games where you are in an open world environment and can joy ride to your exit points, Battlefield 3 is an intense military combat environment where you are taken on fire and in turn having to protect yourself when you are mobile. There are a good number of exit points in the game should you choose to base jump, depending on the map you're playing.

Unlike Saints Row and GTA, Battlefield 3 is set in first person view. Personally I always find first person views much more appealing, as I find that they tend to be more immersive.

There are a few large cliffs in Battlefield 3 that allow for impressive freefall times. If you have a few friends that also play the game, it is easy to arrange with them for some 3 or 4 way base jumps - or go extreme like the video below with a 64-way! With Battlefield 4 coming out in a couple months, there is still a lot up in the air about just what gameplay will be included in the new release. At this stage we will have to wait and see what they do with regards to the skydiving and basejumping in the game.

Videos of Skydiving and Base Jumping in Battlefield 3

Base Jumping

Base Jumping is a game developed by a small company called D3, though judging from their websites the name is in the process of being changed. The difference between this game the games listed above, is that this game is a dedicated BASE game, where all the focus is on the sport and not on the strippers or on shooting the enemy. Here you will be presented with exit points and a challenge for that exit point. It's been a while since I played this game, but I remember it being a little confusing to navigate at first with regards to the menus. However the gameplay is good fun and if one is looking solely for a dedicated base jumping game. It's definitely worth giving Base Jumping a try.

The "Pro Edition" is still receiving regular updates and fixes, so the game may well be better than when I had last given it a go. You can view the development update information and more information about the game itself at the development page.

It also appears the company may be working on a skydiving game similar to Base Jumping.

Videos of Base Jumping

Go! Sports - Skydiving

The Go! Sports game series has been somewhat of a disappointment with difficult to use controls and usually extremely repetitive gameplay. Go! Sports Skydiving tends to slot in with the other Go! Sports titles, but does offer a few redeeming qualities that distance it from games in the series like Go! Ski.

The game offers two general modes, there is formation skydiving where you control your model into the position to fill a formation and then there is the landing mode, which is pretty much accuracy landing. In the formation mode, while the concept doesn't seem too bad - there are several issues that cause controlling your player to be extremely frustrating at times when using the required SIXAXIS controls. The game is not unplayable by any means and can still offer the gamer some fun, but apart from the tough controls - this is the kind of game that can get old fast. The only thing that will keep a user playing is the fact that there is an online ranking system. But given the good price, it is definitely worth considering giving a go, there isn't much to lose.

Videos of Skydiving in Go! Sports - Skydiving

Which of the games listed above is your favourite for your bedroom skydiving experience? And if you know of any other skydiving or base jumping related games, let us know in the comments below. We'd love to give them a try.

By Bryn De Kocks on 2013-10-07 | Last Modified on 2013-10-23

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Eriks-Angelos  2013-10-07

No mention of pilotwings for the super Nintendo? :)

ifell  2013-10-07

What about "Proximity Flight" on PS3?

DvK  2013-10-07

"Just Cause 2" has a B.A.S.E. in it

piisfish  2013-10-07

and Skysurfer on Playstation :-)

piisfish  2013-10-07

rolinrok  2013-10-07

"Parachute" for the Atari 2600, released in 1983....

DarekKay  2013-10-07

What about THE Wingsuit-Game for PC?

CazmoDee  2013-10-07

Wingsuit proxy flight and canopy rides in Far Cry 3 are pretty awesome!

DrDom  2013-10-07

ARMA 3 has halo insertions and helo drops

skywombat  2013-10-07

There exists "Wingsuit Lite" in the Android Market, which is quite decent.

rifleman  2013-10-08

Just a fun thing but Wii sports resort has a skydive game

Dries  2013-10-08

just cause 2 hase nice skydiving and basejumping. freefalls look rather slow, and tracking is more of a head down dive, so very little forward speed. parachute openings are quick, and stearing is very basic ( note that when diving the canopy forward, the player pull's the break toggles down, Ha Ha...) you can get very high with one of the planes/jets and enjoy a very long freefall, which can be a lot of fun. You all should give a try!

thatflycarlos  2013-10-10

Has anyone else tried "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity"? It's a BASE Jumping game that takes place in a future where skyscrapers are floating in the sky in the most ridiculously unorganized manner for you to thread around and through in a first person view. Its got an almost Blade Runner ambiance and lots of hilariously inappropriate humour. It's definitely worth a play. Here's a gameplay video from YouTube.

Packet  2013-10-20

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (single player) has a wingsuit proximity flying mission

omninate  2013-12-31

Just Cause 2 - has pretty fun (if completely unrealistic) BASE jumping.

Tsynique  2014-01-15

BASE Jumping Game: PRO Edition

jojo888  2014-04-21

There was a pretty big skydiving, freeflying, BASE, CRW, & swooping community in the Second Life game back when I was active in it. I helped build some of the rigs in the game.

One of the videos I made from the game:

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