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Skyflying, Wingsuits in Motion

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Skydivers love skydiving and they love reading-especially when it is about skydiving. This is a book about wing suits for wing suit pilots and those interested in it. Scott Campos has taken the entire process of learning how to successfully fly the wing suit and distilled it down to the most important points. Sky flying, Wing suits in Motion could well be described as the most thorough book of its kind on wing suits and wing suit flight.

Each chapter contains useful information, pertinent illustrations and explanations on every aspect of wing suit flight. This book could be much longer, but Campos has refined it to the most educational and useful information possible. It is designed to help wing suit pilots reach their potential in becoming the best wing suit pilot they can be. From Aerodynamic principles to GPS systems, this book has it all.

The dream of human flight has been realized with the evolution of the wing suit. However, there has been a lack of readily available information in one place. This book combines all the information about wing suits under one cover. No other book like it has existed until now.

This 200 page full color book is beautifully designed and illustrated with photos and illustrations on its 8.5 x 11 pages. It could easily occupy a spot on a coffee table or on a drop zone; it is a treasure inside and out.

Scott was instrumental in developing the BirdMan instructor program and has several published works in various skydiving media. He has traveled through out the United States where he has helped implement wing suit safety procedures at some of the world's largest drop zones, while lending his expertise on the subject of wing suit flying. Scott's constant attention to continued education and the advancement of wing suit flight has made him one of the premiere speakers at the World Free Fall Convention, as well as a highly sought out instructor globally.

Human flight has been taken to another level.

What others had to say:

"This book is a must for any wing suit flyer wanting to take their performance to the next level. It is the answer to all of your wing suiting needs." ~ Jari Kuosma, President, Birdman Inc.

"All of the information is here, full of hard facts, helpful hints and useful illustrations. This is by far the best book of its kind." ~ Dan Poynter, President, Para Publishing and author of The Skydiver's Handbook

Sky flying, Wing suits in Motion is available for ordering from SkyMonkey Publishing at or by e-mailing

Skyflyiing, Wingsuits in Motion published by Scott Campos. Original edition 8.5 x 11, 200 pages, 69 color illustrations. $29.95 Publication: Summer 2005.

By Scott Campos on 2005-06-21 | Last Modified on 2017-01-17

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