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Gear Database Updates

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You have probably seen the previous article on the bonehead composites gear update. Well that was the first of what was almost a complete gear section update. It became evident that much of what is listed in the gear database wasn't entirely fresh and that there were some discontinued items which were still listed and some new gear out there which also hadn't found it's way into the database.

Action has been taken in correcting this issue and making sure the gear section is as up to date as possible. I have both sent out e-mails to all involved manufacturers as well as manually gone through the list and updated what I could. The result is over 100 new gear items added to the database including a new category, "Cameras and Camera Equipment". Granted much of what is new on the site isn't new in production, but this now gives you a chance to review gear that was previously not listed.

New gear items can be found under the following categories:

Altimeters, Audibles and AADS
- Alti-2 Inc
- Free Fall Accessories
- Larsen & Brusgaard
- Parasport Italia

Cameras and Video Cameras
- GoPro
- Sony
- VholdR
- Conceptus
- Hypoxic
- Ultimate Switch
- Sky Tools
- Skydance Headwear

Harness and Container Systems
- Altico
- Basik Air Concept
- Jump Shack
- Para Avis
- Para-Phernalia
- Rigging Innovations Inc
- Sunrise Manufacturing International
- Thomas Sports Equipment

Helmets, Head Gear and Goggles
- 2K Composites
- Bonehead Composites
- Cookie Composites
- Gath Head Gear
- Headfirst Headwear
- Parasport Italia
- Sky Systems
- TonFly

Jumpsuits and Clothing
- Bird-Man Suits
- Body Sport USA
- Firefly Jumpsuits
- GoCrazy
- Kurupee
- Matter Clothing
- Phoenix-Fly
- Sonic Flywear
- Tonfly

Main and Reserve Parachutes
- Atair
- Basik Air Concept
- Flight Concepts
- Icarus Canopies
- ParaAvis
- Parachute Systems
- Performance Designs

A complete list of the new gear items can be found - On the New Listing page.

Though even with these updates I am sure there are still manufacturers which have slipped through and aren't listed in the database. And I will be trying my best to fill in these holes and hopefully create a comprehensive up to date gear section.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated too! Anyone who notices a manufacturer or gear item missing in the database can post information in the following thread - Gear Section - and I will add them. If you are also aware of products which have been discontinued, but aren't listed as such you can also alert me to this and I will go ahead and correct the issue.

By on 2010-06-23 | Last Modified on 2017-01-17

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