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Could 6,000 be your new lucky number?

Could 6,000 be your new lucky number? - Click to Enlarge!

Performance Designs, Inc., located in Deland, Florida, is having a contest to celebrate the making of its 6000th Sabre2 main canopy which has been one of their most successful lines of main canopies.

The Sabre2 emerged from over 15 years of ongoing research and development. Named after its predecessor – the original Sabre – its purpose was to fulfill the evolving need for an all-purpose all-around canopy. Starting as a replacement of the original PD 9 cell, the original Sabre was designed to appeal to the needs of an emerging skydiving market in the late 80’s. The President of Performance Designs, Bill Coe, and Vice President, John Leblanc, said they needed a canopy that would appeal to a general market that wanted better openings, landings and performance characteristics than the current models available at the time. The canopy was designed with such vision that continues to endure. The original Sabre established precedence as the benchmark for rectangular zero porosity canopies with over 20,000 of them produced and jumped all over the world since 1989.

As the needs of our customers evolved, so did our research and development and it was clear that the time had come for the original to spawn the next generation of Sabre. The Sabre2 was introduced to the skies in 2001 - A totally new design from the original, Sabre2 incorporated advances in design accumulated throughout the decade or more that had passed since its predecessor – and it promised to be exciting! The Sabre2 provides a broad range of features to the general skydiving population from weekend jumpers to professional skydivers, such as Max Cohn from Generation Freefly and Arianna de Benedetti from the Italian National Team. Additionally, various drop zones use Sabre2 canopies in their student programs, as well as in transition and rental applications. The Sabre2 boasts the slogan ”Quite possibly the world’s most perfect all around canopy” and since its release has sold nearly 6,000 of them in just 4 years. To celebrate this, Performance Designs is giving one lucky winner the prize of a lifetime!

  • FREE canopy—your Sabre2 canopy at no charge
  • FREE flight to Deland, Florida to visit Performance Designs’ facilities.
  • FREE first jump on your new canopy with John Leblanc, vice-president of Performance Designs and head designer of our products!
  • FREE case of beer
  • FREE canopy control class with Scott Miller
  • And of course, tons of pictures and memories as we feature you on magazines and websites worldwide!

About the Sabre2

The Sabre2 is a slightly tapered, zero-porosity nine cell canopy, suitable for intermediate jumpers at light wing loadings and a wide range that makes it attractive to more experienced jumper at higher wing loadings. The Sabre2 is designed to be fun to fly, easy to land, and to be a great all-purpose skydiving canopy. Slow openings, crisp positive response to toggle input, along with its light toggle and riser pressure are some of the characteristics that set this canopy apart. The Sabre2 has an incredible amount of lift available on landing that will give you tremendous ability to slow down when you wish to. Sabre2’s performance envelope is huge – it will feel aggressive at higher wing loadings while maintaining its incredible ease of landing and forgiveness at lower wing loadings. If you are looking for a canopy that represents the evolution of modern, carefree performance, the Sabre2 is it!

How to participate

All you need to do to participate is place an order for your Sabre2 canopy through your favorite dealer. And when lucky 6,000 comes up – John Leblanc will contact the winner personally. So what are you waiting for?

By Rebeca Perren on 2005-04-03 | Last Modified on 2017-01-17

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