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Bird-Man introduces PHI

Bird-Man introduces PHI - Click to Enlarge!
Bird-Man introduces PHI - Click to Enlarge!
Bird-Man introduces PHI - Click to Enlarge!

Story of PHI

Phi is the golden ratio of antiquity, (1.6180339887), a never-ending number. Phi is also claimed to have been crucial in the design of the Great Pyramids, the composition of the Mona Lisa and the construction of Stradivarius violins. It has shown a propensity to appear in the most astonishing variety of places, from mollusk shells, sunflower florets, and rose petals to the shape of the galaxy. Psychological studies have investigated whether the Golden Ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing proportion extant. It is believed to feature in works of art from Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa to Salvador Dali's The Sacrament of the Last Supper, and poets and composers have used it in their works. PHI is also the new state-of-the-art-wing-suit from BIRD-MAN International.

PHI introduces a new era in sky flying with it's wind tunnel tested design, looks and innovation. Hours of flying in various speeds and angles gave us even better idea how to make a wing suit that is at the same time easy to fly and control, thus giving you power you need whether you were flying on your belly or back, making acrobatics or just cruising around. This was made possible only by mixing science and art, technology and vision. The qualities which made Bird-Man a legend and the leading wing suit manufacturer of the world.


Imagine if you could adjust the size of your parachute when you really needed to, in the middle of the flight? Well, you can just do that with PHI. Increase the wing-area when you need to go slow and decrease when you need to go fast. This allows wing to be in the best aerodynamic position in respect your flight and the surface area needed. It's pure Ying and Yang in the sky.

Double Action Quick Release

With our new double action cut away zipper you are allowed to free your arms using additional technique. That gives you another chance if you need one. Be smart.

Semi-Rigid Large Wings

As tested in the windtunnel semi-rigid wings using Mylar in selected ribs gives you that extra performance and keeps the larger wing area in just the correct shape and ideal for the best glide.

Airlocks on every Air-Intake

Our new air-lock technology gives PHI it's beautiful flight characteristics whether you are flying on your belly, upside down or making the most artistic maneuvers.

New Materials

PHI is made of new high-tech Trevira Micro material called Action Mistral. The fabric is made by using membrane technology, it is Teflon protected giving the product better endurance, durability, comfort and 100% wind proof with maximum breathability.

Attention to Detail

PHI is truly a new design concept paying attention to every detail. Higher collar with ultra comfortable material that protects skyflyers throat during the cold flight is just one example. L.Q.R.S. (Leg Wing Quick Release) and airlocks are standard features of this state-of-the-art wingsuit.

ISO 9001-2000 Manufacturing

Last but not least. Both PHI and S.5 BLADE are made under strict standards of standardized ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate. The quality of these suits is the same as diver suits, bullet proof west's for the special-forces, hiking clothes made for Mt. Everest mountain climbing expeditions etc. In fact, they are all made in the same place.

Introducing PHI

PHI is made in stock sizes and in dynamic and exiting pre-made color combinations. BIRD-MAN is taking pre-orders now Through authorized BIRD-MAN dealers and the first PHI's will be out June 2005.

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By Jari Kuosma on 2005-05-13 | Last Modified on 2017-01-17

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