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news : Events : Spanish Bird-Man Team crosses the Strait of Gibraltar

Spanish Bird-Man Team crosses the Strait of Gibraltar

Spanish Bird-Man Team crosses the Strait of Gibraltar - Click to Enlarge!

Three Spanish parachutists crossed the strait of Gibraltar in freefall, breaking two world records. Santi Corella, 33, Tonuses López, 31, and Alvaro Bultó, 33, had prepared for the jump for three years with the help of the Air Force. According to the international press, they jumped over Marocco from the extreme altitude of 13,000 meters (43,000 feet), out of a military aircraft.

With an average forward speed of 208 kilometers per hour they were freefalling for roughly 6 minutes, and flew the approximately 20 kilometers between Morocco and the Spanish mainland.

Only after completely crossing the strait of Gibraltar did they open their parachutes and land on a beach. "The worst was the cold", the men reported after landing. At 12,000 meters and higher, icy -50 degrees celsius temperatures prevail. They also noted that the six minutes in freefall seemed like an eternity.

BIRD-MAN RedBull TEAMs testimony of the Skyflyer 3 - Special

"Talking for the three of us I can say that having the S3 Special for this adventure, permitted us to take a serious decision about the jump. We planned to make the shortest distance between Africa and Spain witch is 14.4 km, but the winds forced us to change the arrival point by about 10 km further east and that meant a 15.5 km distance for crossing the Straight. After we tried a couple of times the with the S3- Special and experienced the easy flight and speed of this wingsuit we didn’t doubt any more, and we went for the largest distance.

Flying the S3 - Special is more strenuous especially when you pass three minutes freefall, but we found that flies further even if we can’t maintain a perfect shape during the entire free fall. The flight went much better that expected and we got almost 20,5 km. What really surprised me was the smooth and fast flying on the first 10,000’, where the density of air is less. Stability was very important for maintaining heading and energy, and with the S.3-Special it was easy even at the last part of the jump where we were exhausted." - Santi Corella


By Jari Kuosma on 2005-07-07 | Last Modified on 2017-01-16

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