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Skydive Expo 2010

Skydive Expo Editorial Knowledge is Power!!

“What canopy is right for me”?, “Should I have a RSL”?., We have all asked these questions. And you’re sure to get a variety of responses from the local jumpers and instructors at your drop zone.

Years ago when equipment was simpler and there was less to choose from, asking questions and making an informed choice on equipment was easy. Over the years manufacturers have made huge advances in all aspects of the sport. Even the simple jumpsuit has a dozen options, fabric types, gripper types, fit sizes etc. No wonder it’s so hard to feel like you have bought the right equipment for your place and time in the sport.

This is where the Skydive Expo, planned for March 11th – 14th 2010 in DeLand FL, gets all these questions answered, provides education and casual skydiving all in one place for an action packed four day event. This is the first ever of it’s kind with all the manufacturers in the sport skydiving community getting together to spend some time with you. Answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask.

The heart of the Skydive Expo is the expo itself; manufacturers from around the world will be here in product focused booths to answer your questions and show you their equipment and latest innovations. Each night will see a raffle draw with some outstanding prizes donated by manufacturers. So make sure you get your tickets.

Along with the latest equipment available, the Expo has seminars planned from key industry people- John Leblanc and Bill booth among others. The load organizers will bring their knowledge to the seminars, with speakers ranging from the PD Factory Team, Babylon Freefly, Craig Girard and Scott Campos to name a few. The seminars will be as diverse as, history of the sport, equipment safety, tracking, packing, and many more seminars scheduled for the four day event. Robert Feldman will be holding a seminar on legalities in skydiving – this seminar is one that anyone and everyone involved in skydiving should see.....really.

Now all this cool equipment and education would not be complete without getting ones toes in the breeze, and the Skydive Expo has some amazing world class organizers available each day for low key free load organizing, many of whom will take the lesson plans from the seminars and use them in the air with each and everyone of you. And like any good days jumping, many manufacturers will have equipment available to demo and staff on hand to help with all you need.

Many local manufacturers will host open houses, so you get a chance to tour the facility and see where and how they built the amazing gear we all love to jump.

This is geared up to be one of the biggest and most fun filled all round events of 2010. The schedule for the four days looks impressive, with days 1 to 3 having morning seminars, followed by the manufacturers booths being opened for all attending, then off to the dz for some free load organizing, before the booths open up in the late afternoon and the raffle draw. Sunday sees a whole day of low key free load organizing. And no skydiving event would be complete without a killer party hosted by Skydive DeLand and The Skydive Expo.

Where else can you get all the manufacturers, world class organizers and seminars from leading industry and sport figures all in the same place?

Make sure you clear your calendar and get yourself out to the Skydive Expo. The organizers are working to secure skydiver friendly rates at the local hotels so for more info catch up with the Skydive Expo on Facebook, Twitter or via the official website

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