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news : Events : Pink Canopy Piloting Open - Day 3, Final Results

Pink Canopy Piloting Open - Day 3, Final Results

Pink Canopy Piloting Open Results - Alter Ego’s Batsch wins 3rd Consecutive Pink Open Title

By Carrie Transue
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The top 5 competitors of the Pink Canopy Piloting Open:(l-r) 5th: Johan Karlsson (SWE), 4th: Pablo Hernandez (ESP), 3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), 1st: Nick Batsch (USA), 2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

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A hat trick isn’t just for hockey and Team Alter Ego’s Nick Batsch (USA) just scored one with his 3rd consecutive Pink Canopy Piloting Open Championship win on Saturday.

After three days of lead changes and weather challenges, day 3 began with Batsch’s teammate, Curt Bartholomew leading the field of 97 competitors by 10 points over 2nd place Batsch and 83 points over 3rd place Pablo Hernandez (ESP), PD Factory Team.

With such a large point differential, the championship run seemed to split into two different competitions; one being between Batsch and Bartholomew for 1st and 2nd and the other between positions 3-10 battling for 3rd. It wouldn’t be easy to overtake Hernandez in 3rd, but Tommy Dellibac (USA), also from the PD Factory team, had done just that in the final day of competition at the World Games in July and was looking for a repeat.

Only two jumps remained in the competition and began Saturday morning with the last round of Zone Accuracy, but not the garden variety Zone Acc. Dubbed “Skinny” Zone Accuracy, the final gate was narrowed from 10 meters to only 1.5 meters, requiring precision and focus by all competitors to ensure they were in position to make the final gate.

Cornelia Mihai (UAE) from Skydive Dubai won the round after hitting all four gates and landing in the target zone. The only thing that kept her from a perfect 100 was not standing her landing. However her sit down landing in the target zone was the best of the round and would give her a second 100 point score in Zone Accuracy.

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Batsch left an opening for Bartholomew to broaden his lead after missing the water drag in the 4th gate and landing in Zone 5. Bartholomew, who is known for scoring perfect 100’s in Zone Accuracy almost at will and under pressure but has been healing this summer from a fractured tibia, came in strong after Batsch and landed down in Zone 6, which would have tied him with Mihai’s score. However, after a video review it was determined that one foot had slid under the tape into Zone 7, which is a 17 point deduction.

In the battle for 3rd, Hernandez and Dellibac tied for the round with a 90 score, leaving only one more solid jump for Hernandez to keep the 3rd place position he held throughout the entire competition.

The last round of the event, “Old School” Distance (no water dragging and no final gate limitations). The exit orders were reassigned based on scores, and Bartholomew was holding a 3.615 lead over Batsch while Hernandez held a 4.544 point lead over Dellibac and six other close competitors with hope to still find a place on the podium. Consistent performances all week by the next six competitors in the field set up an 8-way fight for 3rd as Johan Karlsson (SWE), Cornelia Mihai (UAE), Jerome Ramauge (FRA), Justin Judd (USA), Ian Drennan (USA) and Billy Sharman (UAE) were each within striking distance should a slip in score occur with Hernandez.

As competitors completed the final jump, the final 10 battled to the end. Distance scores are tabulated based on a percentage of a jumper’s final distance in relation to the jumper who goes the furthest. The performance was close between the competitors vying for 3rd, but the upset would go to Dellibac who would overtake his teammate for 3rd, repeating the last minute push that earned him 2nd over Hernandez at the World Games.

Meanwhile, a showdown that is becoming the norm for major competitions between Batsch and Bartholomew was still underway. Batsch, a 6 time World Record holder in Distance, would fly 175.1 meters (574.475 feet) and sweep the Distance event with a perfect 300 score. The next furthest run was Dellibac’s at 161.40 meters (529.526 feet).

The final scores would edge Batsch over Bartholomew to earn 1st by 8.15 points. The pair would also reflect a strong differential from the field with a 78.987 and 70.837 point lead over 3rd place.

So far, 2013 competitions have been a battle between Batsch, Bartholomew, Dellibac and Hernandez.

However, some have fallen just shy of overtaking one of these top four. One such competitor is Mihai.

Mihai would finish the competition with three 100’s and one 99.318, causing many to sit up and take notice. Her performance in the Pink Open has proven definitively that she is a contender for the podium and only one misstep in the first round of Zone Accuracy kept her from a top spot in the Pink Open. She finished the competition in 6th.

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Competitive Canopy Pilots form a family-like unit with the top performers facing each other several times over the course of a year, including the quest for a new title, World Cup of Canopy Piloting Champion, that begins in one week in Kolomna, Russia. As the jumpers arrive in Kolomna, training will continue with many working together sharing tips, advice and coaching. But on August 25th, the fight to earn the title of World Cup of Canopy Piloting Champion will begin and those who have fallen just short of the podium this year will be on a mission.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Overall Results:

1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego

2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego

3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), PD Factory Team

4th: Pablo Hernandez (ESP), PD Factory Team

5th: Johan Karlsson (SWE)

6th: Cornelia Mihai (UAE), Skydive Dubai

7th: Jerome Ramauge (FRA)

8th: Bill Sharman (UAE), Skydive Dubai

9th: Justin Judd (UAE), -ISM Canopy Piloting Team

10th: Ian Drennan (USA), PD Factory Team


1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego

2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego

3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), PD Factory Team


1st: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego

2nd: Jessica Edgeington (USA), PD Factory Team

3rd: Peter Kallehave (DEN), Danish Canopy Piloting Team

Zone Accuracy:

1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego

2nd: Pablo Hernandez (USA), PD Factory Team

3rd: Justin Judd (USA), -ISM Canopy Piloting Team

Austrian National Championship:

1st: Dominic Roithmair

2nd: Paul Alexandrow

3rd: Marco Fürst

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Czech National Championship:

1st: Zbynek Zivny

2nd: Jan Roub

3rd: Jan Bartos

German National Championships:

1st: Markus Scheuermann

2nd: Tobi Koch

3rd: Frank Täsler

All photos by Wolfgang Lienbacher:


Carrie Transue is the co-owner of Team Nomad, a Marketing and Management Agency, with her husband, Bobby Transue

After spending 15 years in the corporate world, I fell in love with the all things skydiving….the feeling of flying through the air, the athletes and the culture. As a young skydiver with less than 100 jumps, I still battle fears and love the accessibility of the skydiving community that allows newbies to learn from the very best. Through the quest to learn more about flying my canopy, I've become a CP junkie, following the athletes and events that further the Canopy Piloting discipline and the sport of Skydiving overall. At Nomad, I get to work everyday with professional Canopy Pilots, Skydivers and others in the industry to keep pushing and growing the sport. If there is a CP competition, you can bet that if I'm not there in person, I'll be glued to my computer waiting for updates!

By Carrie Transue on 2013-08-18 | Last Modified on 2017-01-17

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TmNomad  2013-08-18

All photos courtesy of Wolfgang Lienbacher. There are many more amazing shots on his Facebook page: check 'me out!

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