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Paraclete Tunnel Meet & JFTC

Jump for the Cause is the skydiving industry's premier fundraising organization. It was set up ten years ago when a group of female skydivers wanted to raise money for charity to celebrate the Women’s World Formation Record attempt. Since then, every time this record is attempted and broken, female skydivers from around the world raise money for the City of Hope hospital in California that receives the funds raised through Jump for The Cause. In September this year Skydive Perris will play host to the final attempt to break the current Women’s World Record of 165, and fundraising efforts are already underway.

On Saturday 21st February, Paraclete XP Skyventure in Raeford North Carolina was the location for a special event to raise money for JFTC. The two North Carolina participants in the upcoming record, Maxine Tate and Karen Wood teamed up with the Carolina Skydiving League to host a tunnel meet at Paraclete XP.


CaSL held a tunnel meet last year to coincide with its annual meeting, but this year was the first time it had partnered with a charity. It was a tremendous success with the number of teams more than double that of the previous year. In the previous year, the tunnel meet was just a 4-way RW competition. This year a 2-way VRW competition was added to the meet to cater for all types of tunnel flyers. In total 28 teams competed in the tunnel meet, with 22 teams in the 4-way RW competition in three classes, Rookie, Intermediate, and Open. There were six teams competing in the 2-way VRW in two classes Novice and Intermediate.

2-way VRW
The 2-way VRW event was new to the Carolina Skydiving League and to the tunnel. The 2-way VRW divepool used at both The Gauntlet in Skyventure Arizona and the Summit Challenge at Skyventure Colorado formed the basis of the two categories used in this discipline; novice being all head up randoms and blocks and the intermediate category adding formations with one competitor head down.

The first two rounds for both Novice and Intermediate consisted of combinations of both back and flat flying, being judged from the tunnel mounted overhead camera. Rounds 3 to 6 were flown vertically using the booth mounted camera, which provided a side view of the competitors. Judging for the 2-way VRW was done by Chris Talbert and Selwyn Facey.

Taking first place in the intermediate division was team “AA” (Ari Perelman and Andy Honingbaum) with an impressive 6-round total of 105 points. Taking first place in the novice division was team Perfect 11 (Dalton Samuelson and Charlotte D’Annunzio) with a score of 90 points in 6 rounds.

The inclusion of this discipline at the event was a huge hit and a real crowd pleaser. This was the first experience of 2-way VRW competition for almost half the participants and we really hope that more teams will come along next time and take part.

4-way RW
The draw for the 4-way portion of the tunnel meet consisted of the National Skydiving League draw for the weekend of 2/21 and was judged by Brian Krause and Chris Talbert.

Although there were only two teams in the open class, the competition was fierce. It was standing room only around the tunnel. Team Sean Sweeney Fan Club averaged 23.0 points over the six rounds for a total score of 138 just ahead of the team XP which averaged 22.5 points over six rounds for a score of 135. Coming in first in the Rookie division out of 8 teams was team Space Dockers with a 6-round total score of 98. Winning the Intermediate division out of 10 teams with a 6-round total score of 100 was The Terror Within.

There were some interesting teams in the Rookie and Intermediate class. Team “Classically Trained” came in second in the Rookie division. This team came all the way from Pigeon Forge Tennessee and consisted of four members of the staff at the Flyaway wind tunnel. One of the members has not even completed student status and the group has never competed in 4-way competition until this event.
Whilst team “Which end up” came in last place in the intermediate division, team members Chris and Mary Wagner flew all the points of all of the formations on their backs. After the first round in the tunnel the crowd watching gave the team a standing ovation.

Maxine said “This meet had an amazing atmosphere – there were only a handful of trained teams, the rest consisted of friends competing in fun pick up teams, and enjoying every minute of it. The 90 second rotations for each round allowed everyone to compete fast for about a minute then have some fun goofing off in the tunnel – it was great to watch. We were also thrilled to see the number of open jumpers competing with less experienced people in the other categories. It was a blast!”

Karen added “I was so pleased to see how many people came down to the tunnel to just watch, they all had such a good time – we had a lot of support and we appreciate it”.

The Awards
After the last round of competition, the judges completed the scoring and the Carolina Skydiving League presented medals to the winners. Maxine also presented prizes to the winners from Paraclete XP and Sunpath.

The Scores


Following the awards, the Carolina Skydiving League presented a check for $1460 to Maxine and Karen for JFTC. With the generous contributions from Carolina Skydiving League and Paraclete XP, the funds raised through registration and the sale of merchandise and raffle tickets, Jump for the Cause raised a total of $3445 on the day.

JFTC North Carolina is holding a raffle with the following star prizes to be used at Paraclete XP Skyventure;
30 minutes of tunnel time with Kirk Verner and Andy Honigbaum (Paraclete XP, Arizona Airspeed)
30 minutes of tunnel time with Brian Krause and Kurt Isenbarger (Golden Knights)
30 minutes of tunnel time with Selwyn Facey (Paraclete XP, Airkix, Skyventure Orlando)
30 minutes of tunnel time with Punisher (Paraclete XP, Skyventure Arizona)
2 prizes of 30 minutes of tunnel time
Other prizes include discount vouchers for Javelins, artwork from Kelly Green, customised clothing, Larsen & Brusgaard equipment, reserve repacks and more.

Raffle tickets are available until the draw is made at the main event in Perris in September 2009 and can be purchased via paypal by sending an email request to for instructions.

Paraclete XP is an official sponsor of JFTC

By Maxine Tate on 2009-04-14 | Last Modified on 2017-01-16

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