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news : Events : Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2012 at iFly Singapore

Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2012 at iFly Singapore

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Earlier this year it was announced that iFly Singapore would be the hosts of the 2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships, and now with the event just days away, the excitement is paramount. The competition gets under way on the 14th of December and runs through until the 16th, seeing more than 400 competitors, representing over 10 countries taking place - and is the largest indoor skydiving event to take place in the Asian Pacific. The competition has a collective prize amount of 150 000 Singapore dollars, around $120 000 USD.

iFly Singapore is a part of the well established SkyVenture franchise, which hosts over 30 wind tunnels around the world and continues to expand rapidly. The SkyVenture wind tunnels are well known for their safety and quality, offering the best in indoor skydiving experience. With iFly Singapore, the wind tunnel measures an impressive 16.5 feet in diameter, with a height of 56.5 feet - making it the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world. SkyVenture claims that the tunnel can hold up to 20 flyers at a single time, making it a comfortable experience when performing four or eight way formation skydiving or V-RW events. There is little doubt that the facility was the right choice to go with for hosting the 2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships.

The competition will now see 8 qualifying rounds as opposed to the originally planned 5, and an accumulative scoring system will be in place where competitors will see their score carried through as the competition progresses. For more information on the rules, you can view the competition website.

The Indoor Skydiving Championships will consist of a total of 5 disciplines:

  • 4-Way Formation Skydiving
  • 4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving
  • 2-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving
  • 2-Way Freestyle
  • Neofreestyle

Participating Teams

4-Way Formation Freefly VFS
Arizona Airspeed – USA
Evolution – Canada
HiFlyerz – Singapore
Maubeuge NPC B – France
Rotor Out – Australia/USA
Savolo – South Africa
SDC Rhythm XP – USA
Vmax – Singapore
AK47 – France
Antigravity XP – USA
Dubai Kids – Dubai
Firefly – Singapore
Lightwing Bullet – Singapore
Paradise – Russia
Renegades – UK/France
2 Legit 2 Quit - Singapore
Arizona Arsenal – USA
Bad Lieutenants – UK
Evolution – Canada
Nexus – Dubai
SDC Standard XP – USA
The Addicted – Australia

Neofreestyle 4-Way Formation (Amateur) Neofreestyle (Kids)
Alex Verner – USA
Clement Gyzmo – France
Danny Bullet – Singapore
Denis Sushko – Russia
Evgeny Borovik – Russia
Guillaume Boileau – Canada
Hammer Time (Mike Carpenter) – UK
Hill Style (Matt Hill) – France
Jean-Christophe Ouimet – Canada
Johnny Tan – Singapore
Josh D’Annunzio – USA
Josh Tay – Singapore
Mikhail Razomazov - Russia
Naomi Kotzee – Dubai
Thomas Malahel – France
Also Can!
JSF Team 1
JSF Team 2
Vapor Trail
Vertical Horizons FS
Danelle Goh – Singapore
Flying Sheep (Yuxuan Lye) – Singapore
Joshua Lee – Singapore
Micky (Clara Tan) – Singapore
Noah Wittenburg – Dubai
Poorva Joshi – India
Saif Nasser – Dubai
Sevara Chin – Singapore

In Singapore, as with much of the rest of the world, indoor skydiving has become an increasingly popular activity, whether it be a once off experience, an introduction into the world of skydiving and tunnel flying or as a training method for experienced skydivers. There have been over 50 000 visitors to the iFly Singapore center and continues to grow.

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There is also a lot of excitement about Singapore's 'Team Firefly' which consists of two young girls, Kyra Poh and Choo Yixuan who are 10 and 11 years old, respectively. They have been training at the tunnel for over a year and will be competing in the professional category.

As the competition progresses, results will be made available on the Indoor Skydiving World Championship website.

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