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Brian Germain Offers Canopy Flight Courses

Parachute Designer Brian Germain, President Of Big Air Sportz, is now offering a new type of canopy class. Unlike other canopy camps, the focus of Brianís courses is the classroom information, rather than filming landings. Although jumping is often included in the course, this is intended to be an in-depth ground-school of parachute flight.

"The sky makes a terrible classroom", says Germain. "There is so much that is not taught, and I want to cover as much information as possible". Course material ranges in scope from basic aerodynamics of ram-air canopies through parachute design. The course syllabus is Brianís book: The Parachute and its Pilot. Each participant leaves the course with a copy for further review. "There is a great deal to remember", says Germain, "and I find it essential to have something to review over time for this information to really stick".

Brian is traveling all over the world giving these courses, and the response has been extremely positive. Despite expectations, it isnít all that hard to keep jumpers in the classroom if the topic is parachutes. Classroom time is no less than ten hours, and the courses span two days.

The other unusual aspect of Brianís classes is the focus on the psychology of flight; as Brian refers to it: "The Weakest Link". Brianí extensive research on the topic assists the participants in isolating their own mental blocks to their evolution as canopy pilots. In the end, it is the pilot that matters, not the parachute.

For more information on how to get in on one of Brianís courses, email him at:

By Brian Germain on 2004-05-01 | Last Modified on 2017-01-16

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