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news : Competitions : Para-Gear Catalog #78 - Photo Submission Contest

Para-Gear Catalog #78 - Photo Submission Contest

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Once again photographers from around the world stand a chance of getting their photograph featured on the front or back covers of the Para-Gear catalog, as well as winning some money while doing so. Para-Gear is looking for submissions for the 2013-2014 Catalog #78. Below is a detailed but concise list of formats and criteria that is required for submission.

For an idea on what it is that Para-Gear looks for in a photograph submission, you can view the previous winning entries on both and on their facebook page.

Entries from all skydiving disciplines are accepted, and Para-Gear has through the years showcased a variety of disciplines on the covers of their catalogs.

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There is no particular preference as to what type of skydiving photograph it is, so long as it's eye catching. Para-Gear will work on photographs that otherwise may come out less than perfect - things like dust bunny removal and color correction/enhancement may be done to create the final image for the cover.

Para-Gear advises that for the best chances of getting your image chosen for a cover feature, you should understand and cater to what it is that they look for in a photograph. That is not to say that the winning photograph shall have all these qualities, but should there be two images of equal quality and they had to make a choice on the winner, these particular criteria would determine the image that would be chosen.

Brighter images are preferred, while there have been previous features of sunset or even night jumps - by and large, the majority has been day time photographs with good, bright lighting. Contrast is another quality that will be looked for, contrast between the subject of the photograph and the background.

Brighter clothes are more likely to stand out and in turn more likely to be chosen. Since Para-Gear are in fact a gear sales company, subjects in images that display visible gear are more likely to be chosen - goggles, jumpsuits, altimeters, gloves, helmets etc. Para-Gear also prefer to use images where the subject is wearing both foot and head protection.

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Important: Tandem and BASE Jumping image submissions will NOT be accepted. Furthermore, no submissions will be accepted where the subject is based on the ground.

Basic criteria for submissions is as follows:

Vertical Format - Since both front and back covers are in portrait (vertical) format, image submissions that are of the same format are preferred. Images that are received in landscape (horizontal) view will need to be cropped into portrait view, so make sure any landscape format images have the subject in such a way that it's possible to create a vertical format crop from the image.

Photo Quality - Prints for both the front and back covers are done in 8 x 11 in 300 dpi format. Submissions must be able to remain of good quality at these print specifications. In the case of a winning image, Para-Gear would prefer being sent the original digital image, or in case of slide film - the slide itself. This ensures that the best quality is able to be gotten from the image.

Back Cover Photo - While the back cover photo is very similar to the front, there is one difference - the back cover will need to have room on the left side of the image for the thumb index. It is possible for the image to be flipped should the blank space appear on the right by default, but make sure that your subject doesn't cross over onto the edges of both sides of the image or it will not be able to be used for a back cover.

Originality- Para-Gear will be looking for an image that is eye-catching as well as original. Something that will draw the eyes in and capture one's attention. Photographs that are taken from unique angles and are innovative are always going to stand a higher chance of winning. Images that have been published elsewhere are unlikely to be chosen, as Para-Gear are looking for something original, that no one else has seen. Images that are chosen for the front and back covers may also not be used for any non Para-Gear related advertising for the period of 12 months.

The winner of both the front cover and the back cover will win $500.00 each. But more than the money, is the honor of having your photograph featured on the cover of the Para-Gear catalog. The deadline for submissions is on the 15 March 2013, so don't delay. You can send your sample images via e-mail to Sample images do not have to be of high resolution, should Para-Gear feel that your submission may have what it takes, they will ask you for a higher resolution image. Any questions can be directed to the same e-mail address as listed above in this paragraph.

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