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Skydiving: news: Competitions: Jeffro Provenzano wins the 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup

Jeffro Provenzano wins the 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup

By Jim Slaton on 2006-06-23

Jeffro Provenzano wins the 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup - Click to Enlarge!
Jeffro Provenzano wins the 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup - Click to Enlarge!
Jeffro Provenzano wins the 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup - Click to Enlarge!
Photos: Steve Huooba
Jeffro Provenzano has won the PST's 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup and $6,000 in cash!

27 Pro/Am qualified pilots competed in the eight round competition which featured two rounds of Speed, Distance, Accuracy and Freestlyle. The event also included a two round Team Speed competition which Nick Boyd and Matt Lewis won. The pair took home gold medals and $375 each.

Jeffro executed and landed the first ever "Miracle Man" Freestyle manuver at the Mile Hi Canopy Cup! The Miracle Man is a one and a half "Blindman" move where Jeffro went 360 degrees around in the harness while swooping on the pond and then made it out for a successfull landing!

The 2006 Mile Hi Canopy Cup was one of the best competitions the Pro Swooping Tour has ever organized. This is the first season in 14 years Jim Slaton has not jumped or competed allowing him to focus 100% of his time on organizing and promoting the swoop tour. The competition took place at the new Mile Hi Swoop Park outside Denver, Colorado. There were hundereds of spectators at the event with local and national media coverage! The competition at the Swoop Park featured inflatable course markers which added more visual impact for both the competitors and spectators. The swoop competition had NASCAR style pit stops and course changes which allowed for a quicker turn around between events. The Mile Hi Swoop Park also has over 600 tons of sand around the pond creating a large beach landing area that is over 500 feet long, 200 feet wide and 6-8 inches deep!

The Pro Swooping Tour also used their improved electronic timing system and gate horn which allowed for instant scoring of most events. When a competitor successfully scores the entry gate a loud horn sounds and the timer starts. When the competitor reaches the exit gate the timer stops and the system displays the score for the athletes, judges and spectators to see. In addition, the PST used a large official scoreboard in the main viewing area to update all the scores round by round!

The competition also included a merchandising booth, Deli Zone, Smoothie tent and catered food by Wahoo! Fish Tacos. The kick off party was Friday night at a local brewery with the banquet dinner Saturday evening catered by the Texas Roadhouse Bar & Grill. The award ceremony and after party took place at "The Barn" on main street in Downtown. DJ Eric Derren flew in from Atlanta to create the party atmosphere until 2:00am.

The next Pro Swooping Tour competition is the Swoop Festival scheduled to take place July 21-23, 2006 at the Mile Hi Swoop Park.

By Jim Slaton on 2006-06-23 | Last Modified on 2007-01-07

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