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news : Competitions : Aerodyne sponsors Arcteryx, FS-4 team from Norway

Aerodyne sponsors Arcteryx, FS-4 team from Norway

Aerodyne sponsors Arcteryx, FS-4 team from Norway - Click to Enlarge!
The Norwegian FS-4 team Arcteryx fly their Aerodyne Icon rigs during a training jump over Deland, April 2005.

Arcteryx, the national FS-4 team from Norway, has recently taken delivery of their Aerodyne Icon rigs under a sponsorship agreement signed earlier this year between Edward Anderson, President of Aerodyne Research, and team captain Ole Petter Hjelle.

Having put already hundreds of jumps on the new equipment in a matter of weeks Ole Petter confirms with enthusiasm that the team is perfectly satisfied with the arrangement: "There are several reasons why we chose Aerodyne as our main sponsor. The gear, including the Icon rig, Smart reserve and Pilot main canopy, is second-to-none when it comes to safety, performance and innovation. Also, no company in the skydiving industry can match Aerodyne's personalized service and support. We will proudly wear our Aerodyne gear and are convinced that we will have a mutually beneficial relationship in the years to come."

Formed in 2004 Arcteryx continues to catch the attention of FS competitors around the world now that they entered the club of 20+ teams during the latest FSL Shamnrock Showdown 2005 in Lake Wales. It is acknowledged that the draw was fast, but their 20.7 average won them a remarkable third place behind top teams Airspeed Velocity and Airspeed Odyssey. Scoring an average of 16.5 in the previous league meet in Deland, last March, the team's progression is steep and promising. But, as point Ditta Valsdottir commented in an evaluation of the team's performance, a lot of work still lies ahead and part of it is to ensure that the new and younger line-up of the team get more competition practice.

The team consists of Ole Petter Hjelle, brothers Řyvind and Tore Buer, Ditta Valsdottir (the only female team member) and videographer Jan Terje Welkom.

Edward "Bushman" Anderson explains how this partnership contributes to the progress of the company in the sport parachute market since it formed a new group in 2003: "Our sponsoring efforts are still very much focused on working with coaches and instructors in the sport. Our Aerodyne Sponsored Instructor Program (ASIP) has started to bear fruit and shortly we will launch a dedicated ASIP section on our website to even better support our sponsored instructors. We have signed with Arcteryx to complement our ASIP program with two major goals. The first one is to secure more exposure in the international competition arena and reinforce our image as an innovative manufacturer. The second one is to have our R&D department benefit from the thousands of jumps the team accumulates each year and so speed up the process from prototype to market launch. We are extremely proud to be Arcteryx' sponsor and we are dedicated to support them in making their dreams come true".

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By Arnold Collenteur on 2005-04-24 | Last Modified on 2017-01-12

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