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Holiday Boogies to Attend This December

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it the annual holiday boogies. We've looked around and compiled a list of some of the most promising boogies from around the world occurring in the month of December. For all those that are new to the world of skydiving, having maybe just received your A-license and have yet to attend your first boogie, this is a great opportunity to come and experience what skydiving is really all about, because it extends far further than just jumping out of a plane.

Holiday Boogies in the United States

Skydive City – Annual Christmas Boogie

Skydiving Article Image1_large

Skydive City in Zephyrhills FL hosts the Annual Christmas Boogie December 22 to January 5. They typically have 800-1000 people from 50 countries visit over this time and fly 3 Twin Otters every day.

The party atmosphere is said to be great! They have a new Sunset Bar which has the biggest selection of beer in the area. At the Hard Dock Café, the food is awesome with dinners every night and the entertainment is spectacular.

Pirate Day is New Year's Eve, and Skydive City have what many consider to be the best New Year's Eve party on the planet. Live music, midnight Night Jumps to ring in the New Year, the bonfire is on all night every night. Free tent camping and electric hookups available first come, first serve. Laundry, Wi-fi, debrief and training areas, team rooms and televisions stationed all over the dropzones for your use.

They have Night Jumps each Saturday Night during the Boogie, High Altitude Loads each Sunday morning. Formation loads, Big-Way organizing with Steve Woodford. Wicked Wingsuits has a school and suit rentals at the dropzone, as well as multiple freefly organizers. The Finnish Invasion happens at the same time, along with 60-Way formation loads with Annemarie, Eric and Markku.

Sunshine Factory is onsite with demo and gear rentals, plus all the accessories you could need. Skydive Ratings runs a full-time Instructor Rating school, allowing you to get any rating any time here at Skydive City.

Overall the Annual Christmas Boogie looks like crazy fun times from sun-up to sun-down and beyond, and definitely worth considering!

For more information visit: Skydive City's Website

Tsunami Skydivers – First Annual ‘New Years ReVolution Boogie'

Tsunami Skydivers in Oceanside, California is hosting its first annual "New Year's ReVolution Boogie" between the 26th and 31st of December, 2012. Tsunami Skydivers is Southern California’s newest drop zone, located about a mile and a half from the Pacific Ocean.

The boogie will have world class organizers for both freeflying and relative work. The DZ's PAC 750 and a Super Caravan will be flying loads each day.

What makes this boogie unique is the availability to make a beach jump over Oceanside Harbor and then participate in a sunset booze cruise on December 28th.

An A-Star helicopter will take five jumpers to 5,000 feet all day on December 30th, there will also be a "James Bond" themed New Year's Eve party at the host hotel. Pre-purchased jump tickets are $20 each and there is NO boogie fee! There are some pretty fun nightly parties with live music planned. The host hotel offers a skydiver rate.

DZO Rich Grimm has hosted international boogies for many years ...he knows how to throw a party! This may well be a boogie worth checking out!

Go to for all of the boogie information and call them Thursday-Sunday to reserve your slot!

Holiday Boogies in United Arab Emirates

Skydive Dubai – Winter Festival Boogie

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Skydive Dubai combines world-class staff and a fleet of fast turbine aircraft (Twin Otters, Cessna Caravans & Pilatus Porter) and at the most amazing location over looking the magnificent man-made island "Palm Jumeira" all in the heart of Dubai, just around the corner from all the facilities like hotels, entertainment, transport, etc..

Their Winter Festival Boogie will feature the Euro Sequentials, Atmonauti Record and Daily Load Organizing/coaching by the finest of the skydiving world.

They will have a variety of fun activities to choose from after sunset, especially the famous SANDANCE New Year's Eve event at Nasimi Beach in the Atlantis Hotel, The Palm. There is going to be an extensive line up of DJs and overall awesome ambiance, on the sandy beaches of Dubai.

You will be able to discover the magic of the Arabian Gulf during this event that will bring you the best of skydiving and enjoyment in the sunniest and most exotic Skydiving Winter destinations!

The Program & the People:

Atmonauti World record (29th Dec to 5th Jan) with Marco Tiezzi & Gigliola Borgnis

The Euro Sequentials (28th Dec to 3rd Jan) with Kristian Moxnes, Havard Flaat, Mike Carpenter & Fabian Raidel.

Daily Load Organizing & Coaching in:

  • Freefly by both Teams Maktoum & Dubai NEXUS
  • Wingsuit flying by Julian Boulle, Mike Swanson & Noah Bahnson
  • Flat fly (Craig Girard and Eliana Rodriguez & the Assar Team)

There will also be 3 competitions with real awesome prizes and as follows:

*Best Skydive Video:

1st Prize : Skydive Dubai branded Canopy

2nd Prize: Skydive Dubai branded Jumpsuit

*Best Skydive Comedy (PG rated):

One Prize: Skydive Dubai branded Container of your choice

*Swoop & Chug Competition:

1st Prize: Brand new iPad

2nd Prize: Iphone 5

3rd Prize: 15 minutes Tunnel Session with the Organizer"

Booking for the Event:

Booking is a must, Registration is $50 and gives you access to the event.(Multiple optional activities available for booking onsite). Slots to attend are limited.

Book online at:

***This is a 500jumps/D license Event strictly.

Holiday Boogies in Europe

Skytime Castellon – Christmas Boogie

Between the 22nd of December and the 1st of January this year, Skytime Castellón will host their ‘Christmas Boogie’, the dropzone is located on the Mediterranean Sea, meaning that you’ve got almost an entire beach to use as your landing area.

They will be operating at 14 000ft and using a Pilatus Porter B2H4, which is the resident jumpship at the dropzone.

Castellón is a beautiful area and offers an amazing variety of entertainment outside of the dropzone too, with lots of sight-seeing to be done.

Rental equipment, packers, creepers, mock-up, are only few of their facilities.

Special guests during the boogie include Tim Porter (Elite Athlete, Free Fly Instructor, Load Organizer). The dropzone has excellent coaching and as reflected by the dz rating on, they offer a great experience with friendly staff. If their boogie is anything like their general operations, it promises to be a good one.

Check their web site to organize your trip and choose hotels and flights. The closest internationals airports are Valencia and Reus.

Holiday Boogies in Southern Africa

Swakopmund – Desert Boogie

The Desert Boogie hosted by the Swakopmund Skydiving club is the longest running annual boogie in Southern Africa, after its debut in 1978 the club has continued to keep tradition alive with the boogie now on its 34th year. Each year is a success and great fun is had by those attending.

The boogie will play host to visitors from around the world and see a variety of forms of jumping taking place, static line student jumps, wing suiting, free flying, formation skydiving and special beach jumps will take place over the period which spans nearly 2 weeks. While the boogie will provide something for all skydivers as it always does, there is also a focus on getting whuffos to join the sport.

This year there will be Atlas Angel (9 pax) for the fun jumpers, while static line students will jump from a Cessna 182, a Huey will also be available for the progressing students.

For residents of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Namibia in particular, this boogie is definitely going to be marked off on the calendar.

For more information and bookings, you can contact the dropzone via their website:

If you know of any holiday boogies happening around your area, let us know by commenting below.

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SkydiveCuautla  2012-11-26

trunk  2012-11-28

Seriously? The two major us boogies aren't even mentioned. Invasion in Sebastian and Holiday Boogie at Skydive Arizona.

sebastian5  2012-12-02

It's trunk. what the fuck else would you expect?

zmusico  2012-12-10

Skydive Algarve Xmas boogie

kuai43  2012-12-29

So, no answer, Meso? Why no mention of the other boogies? I suppose their secretiveness eluded you.

SlipstreamBRO  2013-01-04

Well, I'm glad I went to one that wasn't listed. Invasion 2012-13 was off the chain!

Meso  2013-01-17

Skydive Arizona's boogie information was not yet released at the time of publication with no estimate on when it would be made public. Which is why it was not included, we did reach out to them prior though.

pipTV  2013-01-20

nice to see the southern African scene online here. its a long way but pretty special,i was there for 5 of the Desert Boogies, missed the last one but recommend it to anyone thinking ahead to next year ,check out the vid from the last one

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