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news : Boogies : 7th Annual M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies) 22-26 Sept 2010

7th Annual M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies) 22-26 Sept 2010

7th Annual M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies)  22-26 Sept 2010 - Click to Enlarge!
7th Annual M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies)  22-26 Sept 2010 - Click to Enlarge!
7th Annual M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies)  22-26 Sept 2010 - Click to Enlarge!
Photos: Keith MacBeth

What: Mother of All Boogies (MOAB)

Who: You, Your Mojo, and World Class Organizers

Where: Skydive Moab, Utah

When: Wednesday, September 22-Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre-registration: September 10th or before for $35, after for $45. Includes goodie bag, organizing, Friday BBQ and beer. Click here to register

Why: Amazing Views and the Time of your life

Skydive Moab has held six successful M.O.A.B.s in a row, and we think that the 7th will be the best one yet! Specialty jumps into beautiful red canyon landscapes along the Colorado River will make you wonder if the GPS accidentally put you out over Mars. Imagine seeing Moab’s red rocks, glowing at sunset, from altitude, on a cross country jump. Take in a ten minute canopy ride at sunset and see Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, the town of Moab, the Colorado River, and the La Sal Mountains.

An Otter and Skyvan supplied by Skydive Arizona, world-class organizers, and parties every night round out the awesomeness. We will have a goodie bag and a $10 discount for jumpers who sign up before September 10th. We’ve put attention into every detail of your experience, like our 46 inch HD TV for you to watch videos on and a downloading station set up to dub down your videos. There will be a number of vendors including Performance Designs, UPT, Mirage Systems, TonySuits, Phoenix-Fly and HYPOXIC.

Specialty Jumps

On Wednesday we’ll do specialty jumps out of the Cessna starting at noon. This year, unlike the previous six years, we have added Wednesday to the boogie so we can get our pilot to fly around Moab and drop jumpers off out of our souped-up Cessna 182, “Hot Rod.” Seriously, we want you to see Moab and land in remote areas to really get a feel for this amazing place. The first jump will be into the beautiful Sorrel River Ranch. You must have a C license. Those not jumping in can come to Sorrel early to enjoy drinks on the banks of the Colorado, or a relaxing spa visit.

Sorrel River Ranch has a beautiful grassy main landing area (officially designated as an alternate DZ for us), surrounded by 1500 ft. red cliff walls, beautiful landscaping everywhere, and the Mighty Colorado River flowing behind it. The striking backdrop is punctuated by the world famous Castleton Tower, a 350 ft. sheer rock with a 1200 ft. talus, and the La Sal Mountains rising behind to almost 13,000 ft. MSL.

We’ll also have jumps into Castle Valley. The world-renowned Mineral Bottom jumps experienced a hiccup of biblical proportions when the already scary switchback road washed out in four places in recent flooding. If there’s enough interest, Skydive Moab will pay for the insurance to handle Cessna loads in and out of the backcountry airstrip. Of course, this is assuming the dirt airstrip is in good enough condition to land.

Out of every lemon comes some tasty lemonade, though, and the big story of Mineral Bottom Road washing out combined with good local relations has led to local land owners reaching out to us and offering up new beautiful off-site jumping opportunities.

Thursday: Otter Arrives, and Friday I’m in Love (with a Skyvan)

The Otter arrives at noon, and as soon as there are enough people to keep the planes running, the Skyvan will show up – so if enough people come and start jumping on Thursday, we’ll have both planes! The Skyvan is guaranteed to show up by Friday.

World Class Organizers

Melissa Nelson will be organizing all types of skydives! She is one of the best in the world at what she does so don’t miss out on jumping with one of skydiving’s natural talents.

Skydive Arizona will bring up Craig Amrine again this year to organize freefly, hybrid, and tracking jumps. They will also have Brianne Thompson from the USA women’s 4-way team, which recently took 2nd place in Russia. She will be organizing RW jumps for all experience levels.

Lyle Presse, from Skydive Sebastian & Flexvision, along with Skydive Chicago’s TJ Hine, will be doing 20 and 40 ways for the weekend, and will likely even be going for a Utah RW State Record! They’re also planning to open up a new amazing spot near on the Colorado River.

Can you say record fest? We’re going for a number of Utah State records! Most formation category records, if not all if you go by the USPA website, are up for grabs.

Jeff Nebelkopf from TonySuits, who was on June’s cover of Parachutist magazine flying his X-bird for Project XRW, will be organizing wingsuits and bringing Tonysuit demo wingsuits.

Jay Epstein from Adrenaline Exploits will grace Moab with his extensive experience and affable personality yet again this year (he’s been coming here longer than the owner). Jay will be doing some fun specialty jumps and will have Phoenix Fly demo wingsuits.

Keith MacBeth and Eli Bolotin will be organizing a few jumps at some point, including a couple CReW jumps and one or two Cross Country Jumps.

Photographers for this year’s boogie will be Skydive Moab staff members Ben Lowe and Chris Hunter. Clint’s brother, Keith MacBeth will be taking photos also this year so between the three of them, we’ll have some amazing photos to send out and get published!

Nightlife: Get your boogie on!

Thursday night, we’ll be heading to the Moab Brewery. We take over the bar and take advantage of great discounts on delicious beer and food.

Friday night is Triple B night: “BBQ, Bonfire, and Beer.” We’ll be providing food and drink for registered participants wearing wristbands, so be sure to get carded!

Saturday night, dinner will be served again at the DZ. After you’re all done with the food, Sparkle Motion - a huge hit last year - will be back to get it on Disco style until 12am so bring your most appropriate outfit!! If that’s not cool enough, after the disco, change outfits and then DJ Amy Griffin & friend will be spinning for us… until they make us stop!

Sunday night, enjoy a nice relaxing dinner someplace in town to reflect on another great boogie.

Monday…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for at least 12 hours! See you there.

By Skydive Moab Staff on 2010-09-01 | Last Modified on 2017-01-12

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