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news : Boogies : 2007 World Freefall Convention Cancelled

2007 World Freefall Convention Cancelled

2007 World Freefall Convention Cancelled - Click to Enlarge!

Don Kirlin and the World Free Fall Convention announced today the 2007 event has been cancelled. Citing logistic and personal reasons, the world's largest skydiving event is taking a break. The convention has always been on the cutting edge of the industry. From unusual jump ships to manufacturers with new products to debut, the convention has been the place that lured skydivers from around the world to Illinois for 10 days each year.

As the sport has changed over the years, the convention has taken on many different looks appealing to different segments of the industry. The convention takes months of planning and money to strive to be what it's founder, Don Kirlin believed in most... He always challenged his team to produce the best skydiving event in the world year after year. After 17 years, and moving the event from Quincy, IL to Rantoul, IL, he says it's just time to take a little break. "We need to recharge our batteries and start fresh reinventing the World Free Fall Convention for the future. I've always tried to think outside of the box, I'm open to ideas, and look to the skydiving community for ideas as we assess every aspect of our operation. I'm not sure where we will be in 2008, but, it is my desire along with the staff of the WFFC, that we will be back in the grand form in which the convention grew up from in the 90's."

Mr. Kirlin noted that the WFFC has been the only boogie ever to provide a Boeing 727 for jumping purposes. Other remarkable jumpships include a Super Constellation, Family Channel Blimp, C-130, and Bell 412 Helicopter. B-17 and B-24 Bombers from World War II were a hit as well. Recently a glider and an AN-2 were featured along with a DC-9. Over 600,000 jumps have been completed during the course of the WFFCs' 17 years. Visitors from every State and over 70 foreign countries have come to jump the variety that only the WFFC has provided. "We have loved every minute of the past 17 years."

By Don Kirlin on 2007-03-28 | Last Modified on 2014-07-24

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