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  • 1st Czech Freefly School - by skoty
    freefly coaching, load organizing, camera, shop
    (Viewed: 770 Posted: Fri May 30 2003)

  • Active Skydiving - by Scotty Milne
    Specialist skydiving school offering AFF courses in a sunshine location. Get UK qualifications with UK's most experienced instructor.
    (Viewed: 420 Posted: Mon Sep 25 2006)

  • Adrenaline Adventures Skydiving School - by Mark Maynard
    Tandem Skydives, Static Line Parachute Jumps and AFF. Skydive over the beautiful kent countryside in a relaxed environment.
    (Viewed: 453 Posted: Tue Jul 11 2006)

  • AirRage Skydiving Services - by kip lohmiller
    Instructional Ratings. Accelerated Freefall, Coach, Vector/Sigma Tandem, Static-Line and Instructor Assisted deployment
    (Viewed: 430 Posted: Thu Dec 22 2005)

  • All year skydiving - by Mike
    We offer AFF courses and tandem skydiving in Pretoria or Modimolle. AFF courses can be completed in as little as three days. Close to game lodges and reserves to round off your adventure holiday.
    (Viewed: 642 Posted: Sun Jun 29 2008)

  • Brian Germain - by Brian Germain
    Seminar Weeknds, on location at your DZ! Brian Germain, canopy designer and world renouned freeflyer, offers a complete line of seminars on a variety of topics. Seminar topics include: Canopy Flight and Theory, Aviation Psychology, Freeflying. For more information on how to get Brian to come to your DZ, please call: (845) 876-3008 or email:
    (Viewed: 543 Posted: Fri Jan 16 2004)

  • corsi di paracadutismo - by alexjump
    corsi AFF e Fune di vincolo con lezioni personalizzate a Roma.
    (Viewed: 541 Posted: Tue Aug 13 2002)

  • Extreme Sports Cafe - by Stephen Northcott
    Extreme Sports Cafe - Specialising in Skydiving Courses World wide - But also advice, experiences, equipment, courses and holidays in all extreme sports.
    (Viewed: 554 Posted: Wed Feb 02 2005)

  • Fallschirmsport Airtime - by Steffen Hanselka
    Tandemjumps, AFF-training, in the south of Germany. Bist du bereit für dein unvergessliches Erlebnis? Dann lass dich fallen und erlebe was es heißt frei zu sein! Abenteuer, Action und Adrenalin warten auf dich bei deinem Tandemfallschirmsprung aus 4000m.
    (Viewed: 117 Posted: Tue Dec 13 2011)

  • Flight School UK - by Steve Hamilton
    Wind tunnel training camps for formation skydiving teams. We operate out of the Bodyflight Bedford tunnel and also offer FS camps across europe.
    (Viewed: 360 Posted: Thu Feb 08 2007)

  • Flyfactory Freefly School - by flyfactory
    The FlyFactory FreeFly school is located in Boituva, the biggest drop zone in Brazil. We have two Cessna Caravan, a great view and a peaceful atmosphere. At FlyFactory FreeFly you have the most progressive, fast, safe and fun way to learn Freefly in all South America. Wanna Freefly in Brazil ? Contact !
    (Viewed: 634 Posted: Mon Dec 30 2002)

  • Freefall Addicts Learn to Skydive School - by Mike Worthington
    Freefall Addicts are a professional skydiving school with a modern approach. Jump with the best skydiving school in Europe!
    (Viewed: 462 Posted: Thu Mar 09 2006)

  • Jump&Smile - by globjet
    French school loacted in Parus approved by the French Federation: AFF,Tandem,Instructor training, Camps directed with some world champions Don't forget , Jump&Smile ...!
    (Viewed: 355 Posted: Sat Jul 21 2007)

  • Las Vegas Sky Diving School - by marketing manager
    We offer 1st jump instruction including Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall school. Learn to skydive with our fun, qualified and experienced, professional and safe team of instructors. Located about 40 minutes from the heart of Las Vegas, we provide complimentary shuttle transport from a major Las Vegas strip hotel to and from the dropzone.
    (Viewed: 83 Posted: Mon Jul 16 2012)

  • Learn to Skydive - by John Horne
    AFF Skydiving Courses with fully qualified BPA instructors. 1 on 1 coaching in stunning skydiving locations.
    (Viewed: 579 Posted: Tue Aug 24 2004)

  • Monkey Claw Freefly School - by freeflymonkey
    The Monkey Claw Freefly School is operated at its main campus at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. Instructors Glen "Stuey" Newman, Tim Miller, Bert Navarette, Adam Rosen and Heath Richardson are available seven days a week. The school offers coaching for new freefly students, advanced students and teams. Monkey Claw provides students a safe environment to learn all aspects of freeflying including head up and head down flying as well as tracking and formation dives. The instructors also are available for free load organizing at the DZ
    (Viewed: 628 Posted: Thu Aug 22 2002)

  • Parachutisme en France, saut en parachute Tandem et PAC - by Stephane
    Découverte du parachutisme partout en France. Saut en parachute tandem à Bordeaux et Toulouse. Les meilleures plateformes de saut françaises sélectionnées par des professionnels du parachutisme.
    (Viewed: 159 Posted: Tue Jul 26 2011)

  • PhD Skydiving - by PhDSkydiving
    Training in the UK and abroad.
    (Viewed: 531 Posted: Thu Aug 22 2002)

  • Pilot Training in South Africa - by Avril Reeves
    43 Airschool is a pilot training school in South Africa
    (Viewed: 367 Posted: Wed May 11 2005)

  • Precision Skydiving Ltd - by Steve Scott
    Learn to skydive with us. AFF, tandem or RAPS (static line) at drop zones across the UK, including Weston, Hinton, St. Andrews, Cark, Redlands and Lewknor. Fully qualified BPA Instructors will give you an adrenalin rush you will never forget!
    (Viewed: 368 Posted: Mon Apr 11 2005)

  • PRO Demo Academics - by Mark Schlatter
    Learn tricks of the demo business for safety and profit from America's busiest demo professional.
    (Viewed: 211 Posted: Fri Sep 07 2007)

  • Prostipad - by tomaz hrast
    AFF school, Tandem jumps, Tunnel Camps, National 4-way team Slovenia
    (Viewed: 146 Posted: Mon Jan 24 2011)

  • Skydive Aurora - by Jason Thompson
    The UK's Premier Skydiving School. Offering instruction from some of the best in the business. Tandem Skydives, AFF and Static Line courses available all year round.
    (Viewed: 320 Posted: Mon Sep 19 2005)

  • Skydive Training School - by James Tomlin
    Skydive Training School in the UK, here to open up the sport with RAPS training courses to turn you in to a qualified skydiver
    (Viewed: 360 Posted: Thu Dec 02 2004)

  • Skydiving schools in France/ Saut en parachute en France - by Mike Brooke
    Only the best French skydiving school. AFF training camps, tandem jumps and lots of fun. Notre sélection des meilleurs centre de saut en parachute en France.
    (Viewed: 203 Posted: Wed May 11 2011)

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