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  • ACTube Action - by ACTube Action and Sports
    All kinds of account is Free of Charge and Free of Quota Account 1 : Industry Use - designed for Industry purposes such as event organizer, competitions, etc. Account 2 : Commercial Use - designed for Commercial purposes such as Drop Zones, and other sports operators. Account 3 : Professionals use - designed for Professionals purposes such as Sponsor Seekers, etc. Account 4 : Professionals use - designed for Personal use. Drop Zones can utilize as their marketing tools, When you register with this account, you will be able to create a new child user as your member, customer, student, or team. When you upload a video, you will be able to add this video bosth as this child user video, as well as your portfolio videos. ANY VIDEO CAN BE EMBED TO YOUR WEBSITE, BLOGS ETC! Your Child Users [customers] will be registred as personal account. They can share this video with friends, invite their friends and family to join and might refer them to your business. You can also create a group, and invite your customers to the group. VIOLA! You win your customers.. THIS IS MORE THAN JUST A CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ! ! There is NO video Quota, or Fee Hurry, JOIN NOW AS MANY OTHERS, WHOLE OVER THE WORLD HAS JOINED. its free!!
    (Viewed: 506 Posted: Fri Feb 23 2007)

  • - by Pi
    A Videosharing Community for Skydivers Skydivers share their videos from the weekend as well as integrate youtube-videos with direct linking.
    (Viewed: 136 Posted: Wed Oct 20 2010)

  • Coreflix - Extreme Sports DVD Rentals - by Jeffrey Milling
    Action Sports DVD Rentals - Hundreds of titles to choose from, Surfing, Snowboarding, BMX, Skiing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Skydiving, Mountain Biking, and more!
    (Viewed: 586 Posted: Wed Aug 03 2005)

  • Skydiving Videos - by @nne
    Skydiving Videos
    (Viewed: 2307 Posted: Mon Nov 18 2002)

  • Ziehleine Skysports - by Sebastian
    Videos and pictures recorded on German dropzones (e.g. gera, scene of the world parachuting championships 2006)
    (Viewed: 508 Posted: Sun Jan 08 2006)