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  • BadDog's Used Gear Listings - by BadDog
    Used gear listings on BadDog's site.
    (Viewed: 1516 Posted: Sun Nov 02 2003)

  • Dropzone Classifieds - by sangiro
    The worlds largest and most comprehensive FREE online skydiving Classified Ad service. Purged daily to get rid of old obsolete ads.
    (Viewed: 1714 Posted: Mon Aug 05 2002)

  • Skydivers' Enclave - by Jim
    Skydiving Classifieds and Comprehensive Skydiving Links
    (Viewed: 993 Posted: Fri Jan 27 2006)

  • Skydiversshop - by Raul Riffo
    Buy and sale market for skydive equipment We provide free online advertisement space for those who want to sell their parachute equipment and accessories! This is a perfect opportunity for skydivers who have recently aquired their certificate or want to invest in better second hand gear and equipment. Further more, we provide an easy to use control panel to administrate, add and delete items on your profile page. In three simple steps, your advertisement is out in public. Blue Skies!
    (Viewed: 227 Posted: Wed Feb 22 2012)

  • Total Control Skydivers FREE Gear Classifieds - by Total Control Skydive Gear - Richie
    The best place to advertise your skydive gear and equipment for FREE. Deal directly with the seller or buyer online. Free online chat and message forums. Total Control Skydiver's FREE Used Gear & News Forum is Australia's Largest FREE Classifieds WebPage! Log on and check it out. Heaps of Gear for sale and up to date News, Information & Clubs etc...
    (Viewed: 2183 Posted: Mon Aug 05 2002)