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  • Babylon Freefly - by Tom Naef
    The current 2008 World Champions in Freefly. Freefly School and Team coaching based in Empuriabrava, Spain.
    (Viewed: 282 Posted: Fri Sep 19 2008)

  • f r e e k f l y . c o m - by brian
    new england freeflying at it's best! check out for updated pics and events!
    (Viewed: 2348 Posted: Mon Aug 12 2002)

  • Fallen Angels FreeFly Organisation Web Site - by Unutsch
    Just some freaks, spreading the FreeFly vibe...
    (Viewed: 1180 Posted: Tue Nov 12 2002)

    The place, where all animals fly. FLYINGZOO is a Swiss skydive project, which is focused on freefly, atmonauti and wingsuit flying. Take a look to the video and photo gallery
    (Viewed: 52 Posted: Thu Aug 30 2012)

  • Ludens FunkFlyz Freeflyschool - by Ludens
    Home of the current World Champions in freestyle Funkflyz and the rest of the freefly school there.
    (Viewed: 884 Posted: Sat Aug 02 2003)

  • Mad ANgels Freefly - by Stefano Monga
    Italian Freefly Team
    (Viewed: 164 Posted: Sun Nov 21 2010)

  • Martin Sebastian - Skydiving Instructor in Florida - by Martin Skrzypczak
    I am a Freefly coach located at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida
    (Viewed: 122 Posted: Thu Jun 02 2011)

  • Monkey Claw Freefly - by freeflymonkey
    Monkey Claw Freefly is an instuction school and freefly team based at its home DZ, Skydive Cross Keys, in Williamstown, NJ. The website features photos, videos and updates about the team and the freefly scene at Cross Keys. Monkey Claw is available for coaching and load organizing.
    (Viewed: 1237 Posted: Thu Aug 22 2002)

  • Orbita Freefly - by H. Orbita
    All you want to know about Orbita, and freeflying in Mexico and around the globe.
    (Viewed: 696 Posted: Fri Jul 02 2004)

  • Progressive Flight School - by Rene Deveault
    School for coaching beginner to advanced in freefly, belly flying and canopy control
    (Viewed: 593 Posted: Mon Sep 27 2004)

  • Skydive Coaching with Josh Dog - by Josh "Dog" Mitchell
    Josh Dog,Freefly Coaching, Tunnel Coaching, Skydive Coaching, Canopy Coaching, Still Photos, Video
    (Viewed: 168 Posted: Thu Mar 10 2011)

  • The Freefly Training Center - by freeflydave
    An institution dedicated to the evolving discipline of freeflying, by using various tools and techniques, including the SkyVenture Wind Tunnel, World Champion athletes and coaches specifically focused on one on one intensive training, and the best facilities found in the U.S. The FTC and Team Alchemy organized the 2002 freefly world records, and are also involved in high profile demonstration jumps and Pro-Level canopy competitions throughout the year.
    (Viewed: 1177 Posted: Fri Dec 27 2002)

  • - by rudi
    More than 25 minutes of freefly-videos online.
    (Viewed: 1236 Posted: Mon Nov 18 2002)

  • ToraTora - by ToraTora
    A new initiative to promote and develop Freefly, Windtunnelflying and Groundlaunching
    (Viewed: 384 Posted: Thu Aug 16 2007)

  • | freefly team - by flow
    Finnish freefly team, news, pictures, videos.
    (Viewed: 135 Posted: Fri Jun 24 2011)