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POP Access to your Dropzone Mail

Pick up your mail with your favorite mail reader!

We think for skydivers a email address is much cooler than Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo or any of the other free mail service providers. When you join you automatically become the owner of the email address. Standard users have access to their mail through our online mail interface (just like Hotmail and Yahoo).

As a Premier Member you can now download your mail with your favorite mail reader! Whether you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail or any of the other mail clients out there, just set up your POP settings and start getting your mail delivered straight to your desktop!

Much more control...

On we scan all messages on our servers for viruses and you should never have to worry about possible infections. We also use SpamAssassin to minimize the amount of spam that comes to your Inbox. With all of this done, being able to download your mail to your desktop gives you even more control over your mail. You can run it though your own anti-spam and anti-virus software and archive it as you please.

More space...

Even if you choose not to download your mail via our POP server and just continue to use our online WebMail interface, we bump up your availible storage space from 3MB to a whopping 50MB! If you use our POP service then simply choose not to leave a copy of your mail on our server (it will be on your desktop anyway!) and with 50MB you should never run out of space!

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POP Mail Readers

By on 2004-09-07 | Last Modified on 2006-06-28

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