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How much does Premier Membership cost

The cost of Premier Membership depends on the type of agreement you select. The longer you subscribe for in advance the cheaper it becomes! When you subscribe you will be able to choose one of three payment terms:

  • 3 months in advance
  • 6 months in advance
  • 12 months in advance

You will pay the full amount in advance for the term that you selected. Please see the table below for more information on how the cost reduce as you subscribe for more months in advance.

Term Cost/Month Your Total Payment Equivalent Cost/Day
3 Months $9.95 $29.85 ~ 33
6 Months $8.95 $53.70 ~ 30
12 Months $7.95 $95.40 ~ 26

All rates are quoted in USD (Us dollars) and is subject to change without notice.

Your account will be automatically rebilled at the end of your term. To stop payments being made, please see our Cancellation Policy and help on How to Cancel.

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