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What is markup - How do I use it in my posts

By on 2004-07-04

Markup allows you to modify the text of your messages: icons, colours and other text effects can be added to your messages using markup code. Click the “Get Markup Help” link in the Post menu to see a complete list of available markup code. Markup can be added by typing in the appropriate code, such as [b]bold[/b], or by clicking the markup buttons in the Post menu: . Click a markup button to insert the first tag, [b] for example. Type the text you wish to be modified, “bold” in this case, and then click the closing markup button to insert the closing tag, [/b] in this case. [b]bold[/b] will appear as bold when your post is being viewed.

By on 2004-07-04 | Last Modified on 2012-10-24

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