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help : Classifieds : Why was my ad marked as a scam

Why was my ad marked as a scam

We use a number of criteria to determine whether we mark an ad as a SCAM or not. If you believe your ad was unjustly flagged, please send an email to and include the following information:

  • Your USPA (or other licensing organization) number.
  • How long you've been jumping, how many jumps you've done, the name of your home DZ.
  • The name of your DZO or Instructor, and his/her contact info.
  • When and who did you buy this gear from?
  • Your phone number.

We apologize in advance it your ad was wrongly identified as a scam. We are very serious about the security of our users and the integrity of our Classifieds, and prefer to err on the side of caution. Thank you for understanding.

By on 2005-07-12 | Last Modified on 2017-02-03

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NICEINK  2012-10-09

I contacted this seller and asked for the S/N and a contact number. He hasn't responded

jstaftjumper  2012-10-20

when did you try and contact me i posted yesteday???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

jstaftjumper  2012-10-20

not very nice

jstaftjumper  2012-10-20

you have over 400 jumps you werent even interested in my rig just want to be a dick huh

NICEINK  2012-10-20

Username: hemeskky - Classifieds Seller Scam Security and Scam Alerts 1 NICEINK Sep 5, 2012, 6:24 AM
This is the only post I every made on DZ.Com and it was in reference to a Cypres. So you are right, I never contacted you and I don't even know what you are selling. Admin has made a mistake

NICEINK  2012-10-20

Look at the date under my request for S/N of the Cypres, its 10-9-12, 7 days B4 you posted and a month after the original post of Sept 5th. Admin has done us both a bad injustice, and needs to straighten this out.

SpaceMonky  2014-02-03

This guy is 100% a scammer. Just received a piece of paper. Pay pal hopefully works good.

patojar24  2014-03-18

Hello my equipment is all legal my instructor always buy it at the store of marcelo stød in deland in the shop Robert croumy Carl freezzer team I have in ecuador traveled to dleand in May to train the address is my sister in new york to send the team there if someone wants change it to send me do some more small

Andrepesco  2017-01-05

I paid for this vigil and beber recieved, the paypal account is : I 'm contact the paypal to receieve my money!

expertise  2018-01-17

it is real and you can easily get any document that you have been finding in difficult

Swissnizz  2018-05-15

Ummm, I posted a SCAM against a buyer who contact ME about my posting..this was not a SCAM, the buyer I reported IS!!!!

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