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Classifieds Ad Priorities

There are currently three different levels of priority for's classified ads.

Featured Ad Listing

The featured ad listing is our highest priority listing, providing users with the most exposure and the largest amount of average views on an ad, naturally this will translate into a higher response numbers and more sale conversions. Featured ads are displayed prominently on both the classifieds main landing page, before the fold, as well as being displayed at the top of the category they are submitted to.

View more information on how to feature your ad.

Premier Member Ad Listing

The Premier Membership is a feature where you are able to pay a membership fee for site-wide enhanced features and privileges. This option extends into the classifieds section of the site, where we provide a priority listing feature to all premier members. Premier member ads will be displayed on the classifieds main landing page, below the featured ad listings, as well as being placed above the free listings in the category they are submitted to.

Premier members do not receive as high priority listings as featured ads, though all of the premier member's ads receive some form of priority, where as featured links work on a link to link basis.

View more information on Premier Membership.

Free Ad Listings

A free listing is an ad submitted by any registered user who is not part of our premier membership option, nor has selected their links to be a featured link. Free links expire either after 30 or 60 days, depending on your choice when originally submitting the ad, but can be renewned free of charge once this period reaches the end.

Free listings are the 'default' submission type, not being displayed on any other page than the category they were submitted to.

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