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What to look for in a new Container

Posted Friday, August 13, 1999

By Sun Path Products

  • A Manufacturer with a long standing reputation for creating a superior product.
  • A container that fits your individual needs.
  • A container that is functional and reliable.
  • Retention of value in the resale market.

Insuring the proper fit...

For comfort and performance, a new container system must fit the body it is designed for

Most manufacturers provide custom built containers, so each measurement taken ensures the harness will feel as comfortable as possible. If the sizing and fit is correct, the rig will feel good and will stay in place when worn with the canopies packed.

The harness should hold the container close to the body, but also allow maximum movement, offering the skydiver maximum freedom!

Harness sizing is different to container sizing. Where the harness fits the body, the container fits the canopies.

As every container is custom made to order we take each persons measurements and make the harness then we look at which canopies are being used and size the container accordingly.


  • How easy is the container to pack?
  • Does the rigger enjoy packing it?
  • Does it need much maintenance?
  • Is there a lot of Velcro?
  • Does the container look pleasing to the eye?


  • Is the container competitively priced?
  • Are you getting what you want for your money?
  • Remember that you get what you pay for.

Final Questions

  • When you receive the container, did you get what you ordered, colors, style?
  • Does it fit correctly?
  • Will the manufacturer take care of any problems?
  • Are you confident with your Manufacturers after sales service?

©Sun Path Products, Inc.

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