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Skydiving Gear : Main and Reserve Parachutes

Main and Reserve Parachutes 

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The ICARUS NEOS is the finest high performance canopy in the market today. Its innovative aerodynamic and structural design characteristics, the new ARC1 Bracing (Advanced Rib Construction), the innov...Read Moremore

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The Lotus is BIG AIR's medium performance 9-Cell parachute equipped with “Airlocks". Similar in some ways to the PD Sabre, the Lotus is a versatile airfoil that will please both conservative experie...Read Moremore

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Rating Item Subject Date
5 out of 5 stars PD Reserve Cutaway a 190 Spectre to a 193 PD reserve 2016-06-14
5 out of 5 stars Magellan Magellan 120 2016-06-14