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Skydiving Gear : Main and Reserve Parachutes

Main and Reserve Parachutes 

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IPT Furai

IPT Furai

Our newest sport canopy, the Furai is a fully elliptical 9-cell zero porosity canopy featuring a higher performance airfoil and construction technology that provides smoother airfoil surfaces for incr...Read Moremore

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Crossfire 3

Crossfire 3

The new Crossfire 3 continues the era of the legendary Crossfire 2 that began in 2001. But she isn't simply a remake - she's a completely new canopy designed from the ground up.

The Cross...Read Moremore

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5 out of 5 stars Helix Love my Helix 96 2018-10-12
5 out of 5 stars Valkyrie BEST EVER!!! 2018-10-05
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