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Skydiving Gear : Helmets, Head Gear and Goggles

Helmets, Head Gear and Goggles 

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The FLAT-TOP PRO Camera Helmet

The FLAT-TOP PRO Camera Helmet

The choice of professional camera fliers from around the world… The FLAT-TOP PRO from Bonehead composites is flown by some of the top names in skydiving aerial photography. Norman Kent, Joe Jennings,...Read Moremore

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The MANTLE Camera Helmet

The MANTLE Camera Helmet

Surprisingly familiar… The new Mantle camera helmet is the latest addition to the BH camera helmet arsenal. Taking the best of the Flat-Top PRO, The Flat-Top Narrow and our old friend the BatRak we gi...Read Moremore

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4 out of 5 stars Phantom X awesome helmet 2014-11-08