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Skydiving Gear : Helmets, Head Gear and Goggles

Helmets, Head Gear and Goggles 

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Hookr Nutta

Hookr Nutta

Hookr helmets are designed by skydivers for skydivers and are the choice of champions (Swoop 2003 sponsor) Helmets are strong, lightweight and waterproof designed and constructed from Carbon Fibre and...Read Moremore

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MINDWARP "Pimp Daddy" Helmet


The best and most popular skydiving helmet in the world is… The MINDWARP from Bonehead Composites is the most sold, most worn helmet in skydiving. The new MINDWARP "Pimp Daddy" has been updated since ...Read Moremore

Average Rating = 4.13/5 Votes: 29 | Views: 10802

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