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Vector III

Average Rating = 4.75/5 Average Rating : 4.75 out of 5
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Vector III
Vector III

The outstanding design of the Vector III secures all riser and pin cover flaps, even in the most radical freefall, without using Velcro. The main pin flap's closing, from the bottom up, protects the pin better, particularly while moving around in the aircraft and during freestyle maneuvers. The ergonomically designed harness curves over your shoulders nicely. It provides greater comfort and it fits narrow shoulders as well. The harness is also stronger as a result of improved confluence construction. The VectorIII has an over all cleaner look, a more protective design and a tailored and comfortable fit.

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v3 300 jumps still workin 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: judedre, 2007-12-28

I've had a wings a mirage g3 amd javelin, all I can say is my custom vector3 is the most comfortable and durable so far,I've put 300 jumps on it 2 cutaways with skyhook (AWESOME) y would anyone NOT jump a skyhook? it works functions great and very comfy ,,,

Just got my V3 M-Series 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: prodiver913, 2007-08-17

Just received my Vector earlier today and this thing is amazing. Looks great, feels great and I cant wait to "test jump" it. It's at the rigger's loft at the moment. I'll comment on the ride down when I do next week. Great job RW.

Too expensive to have so many faults, 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: nadi, 2006-09-22

I have this rig for about 9 month now, did 150 jumps on it. My main problem (but not the only one!) is the flaps of the main risers, they are SO stiff that they might open (and it did to me!) while free flying. I almost lost my life as the right flpas opened in the transition to headown, and the riser when out, the break toggle released and wrapped arounf my neck!, luckily I noticed that quickly and was high enough to release the mess and open. I am not sure it would happen in other rigs, but it definitely happened with Vector 3.

The AAD is hidden inside the reserve flaps. Now I understood the idea behind: that one will have to check the reserve everytime, but they should leave this decision to me. Moreover, I heard that Cypress 2 turns themselves off in rear occasions, but in that case I will ruther it being visible so I can get comments from jumpers on the plane.

Overall I think that the rig is TOO expensive for its quality, and there are better rigs outthere for the same price or lower.

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