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Slightly tapered airfoil with reliable on heading openings. Great for wingsuiting, with a flat glide and easy landings this canopy is ideal for intermediate pilots and jumpers who want a reliable and easy to fly canopy

  • Soft on heading openings;
  • Light toggle and front riser pressure;
  • Not easy to stall in full flare;
  • Maintains good lift on landing, even at low airspeed;
  • Long flat glide good for coming back from deep spots;
  • Small and easy to pack and made with new microfiber fabric;
  • Very responsive without being radical;
  • Make sure you select the right size canopy for your experience level and weight;

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High Voltage 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Maddingo, 2017-10-09

So after testing this canopy for some jumps I have grown to love it. At 1.15 wingloading it is a fast, reactive canopy that will take your fun to a whole another level. It is a big step up from most student canopies (navigators, solos) etc. so be prepared. It opens on heading nearly every time, even with bad packing. It gets you home from long spots, while having a good sporty profile to play with. Toggle inputs are light with flare power to last. Even at my wingload you can get decent dives out of it so it is a good canopy for those getting into swooping. It can fly slow if you are tired or it can get your adrenaline pumping. Packing is a breeze. One of the best canopies I've flown till now.

I'm updating this post since I have downsized to a 185. I must say nothing has changed. Everything just got a bit faster and more fun. I load it at 1.3 and it opens and flies perfectly. Soft openings are standard. Love it even more now. I would say it feels even better at 1.3 than at 1.15. Everything is more positive, the wing feels like a part of your body. I had a light downwind on my 3rd jump and ran out no problem, great flare.


Volt 150 loaded at 1.17 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dreaming13000, 2016-09-08

I got a pretty good deal on a new Volt 150, so even though there was very limited information/reviews out there on the performance of this canopy. This review comes after only 20 ish jumps on the canopy and after roughly 300 jumps on a triathlon loaded the same. The flare on this canopy is AMAZING!!! I made my last 10 jumps on no wind conditions and the flare was beautiful, a lovely little ground surf and then max, 2 step run out! The toggle response is light and very reactive. My volt has been really fun to fly! After 20 jumps, the openings are definitely interesting. If you have a 360 off heading opening, was it actually "off heading" lol? I've had 1 out of 20 on heading openings, now granted this could be body issue, so I am experimenting with this, but I also think it could have something to do with the closed end cells, every opening. Regardless, right now, I track hard, work on body position and get those rears as soon as possible, it's worth the fun of flying this really decently priced canopy!


My favorite of two rigs I own 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: johnbamburg, 2015-10-03

I really enjoy my Volt 185.
I have great landings, even in no wind.
I kno folks think...Really, South Africa. You just gotta open your mind

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