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Introducing the newest container from the Relative Workshop, the Vector III MICRON. From the company that brought you the 3-Ring Release System, Hand Deploy Pilot Chutes, Wonderhog, Vector II, Student Vector, and Vector III. The Vector III MICRON is built Smaller and Narrower to suit the smallest high performance canopies in the market today, and is available in 4 new sizes.

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Brilliant container 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: timeslikethese, 2012-10-07

After jumping a teardrop as my first (second hand rig) I decided to take the plunge and buy a new container (at 200 + jumps) I researched practically all rigs available on the market. I originally was going to for a Vector because from talking to riggers and other jumpers, the general consensus was that it is the best rig available bar none. I also strongly considered the Icon, Infinity and the Basik Advance 7. Infinity and Basik's customer service is excellent. Icon not so much so, saying that that I have a Pilot 140/Smart 135 in my rig, which are great canopies. The main factor that swung me in spite of the 22 week wait (which is now gone to 37 weeks) is because the Vector was the only rig that would take the Pilot 140 as a top size and allow me the flexibility to downsize in the future. All other rigs were sized for 135-150. As for the rig itself it looks amazing and the build quality is second to none. I took the spacer foam options, which make the rig very comfortable, it would feel pretty solid without it. The magnetic riser covers are a great option. Pin protection is superb. I also took UPT's semi-stowless bag option, which uses tabs instead of magnets. Its exceptionally easy to pack and had made for great openings so far. The Micron is a brilliant rig that will stand the test of time the only down side is the long waiting times. Finally, I ordered it through Chuting Star, who provided great back up guidance and advice.


V308 Micron 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mchamp, 2011-10-02

First off, I am a person that thoroughly researches and reads each and every minute detail down to nitty gritty. Then and only then with months and months of constant research, asking around instructors/friends and comparing different rigs in person I came to the conclusion that the Vector3 Micron is absolute pinnacle of modern skydiving rigs.

Lastly you also have to understand that the person who developed and made skydiving what it is today (3 ring, pull out, skyhook etc) is Bill Booth the founder of UPT!

With all that being said I purchased a brand new Vector 3 Micron and picked it up during the very first skydive Expo down in DeLand FL. I can not even begin to explain how comfortable the rig hangs off of your shoulders and around your back with the 3D spacer foam along with the correct measurement of course. Loaded up with all the options(Magnetic riser covers, Skyhook, Spectra ripcord etc...) I KNOW for a fact that there is no rig better, more comfortable, safer, and well developed/tested other than the Vector3 Micron of UPT. Hands down the BEST rig and manufacturer out there.

Note: I am not a representative of UPT nor do I work for them in any form, just a highly satisfied customer!

Micron - Best Rig on the Market 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jc106wcu, 2009-02-19

Best rig around in my opinion. Rig comes with a lot of features and options. Spacer foam is extremely comfortable. Flaps are secure in freefall and never open prematurely. AAD is located under the yoke and reserve flap which forces you to check your reserve pin. Best of all, SKYHOOK! You will never know until you experience it. Try an intentional chop during a demo day with UPT. Amazing option and a must.

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