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Over the past year we have had a few requests for a wingsuit that is just ridiculously easy to fly. We get it, we hear you, and we like easy, too. The new HATCH is the easiest and most comfortable suit that we have ever flown.

The HATCH retains all of the safety and performance features that Squirrel suits have become renowned for, including the RAD system, tri-layer leading edge construction, innie-outie zips, and reinforced inlets.

Thanks to the RAD system, the HATCH requires no cutaway cables and allows direct access to your risers and brakes during and after deployment. This is a critical safety feature that no wingsuit should be without. The HATCH leading edge construction is our signature blend of comfort and performance, with a smooth surface in positions of best glide, and unparalleled comfort and access at pull-time.

Although it is basically the easiest wingsuit out there, the HATCH is not just a beginner suit. Itís fun, agile, and versatile. More experienced wingsuit pilots searching for a low-surface area suit for beginner backflying and acrobatics and basic flocking applications will love the range and comfort of the HATCH.

For pilots and instructors who are searching for the absolute maximum in ease of use for their first jumps and beyond, the HATCH is the answer.

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