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During development of our Fire rig, we used the most modern materials for construction we could find, which allowed us to create a very comfortable, long-lasting, and mainly - very safe rig. Development took us 3 years, and another 2 for droptests.

We choose US TSO-C23d as our testing program, one of the best and strictest flight test programs.

Max load weight was set at 136 kg. (300lbs), max deployment speed at 309 km\h (170 knots). Then, following test programs protocol, max load weight was set to 165 kg (1.2 coefficient), while max deployment speed set to 370 km\h(1.2 coefficient). We made twice the required droptests. Fire became commercially available in 2008. And now, after thousands of produced rigs, we can honestly say - it works! Fire rigs are reliable, long-lasting, have a wide size chart to fit the strangest requests and Main\Reserve combinations.

A big bonus is that a MARD system is an option(ours is called DRD). On top of that, the price is very competitive.

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Fire by SWS 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: stiner_rd, 2015-04-02

I am very happy with it!

Fire Container Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: anemish, 2015-04-02

I've been using Fire for 3 years and more than 300 jumps, and I'm very happy with it.
I know a manufacturer as a team of educated and responsible engineers who aim to produce the safest yet comfortable rig possible.

Fire by SWS 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: skydog, 2014-09-10

SWS – Fire Container Review

I received my Fire container after 12 weeks from ordering. The process is much the same as any other container but was made easier using Aerosky UK as my dealer. I contacted Maciej to discuss options not listed and he made the appropriate calls to make them happen.
Assembling the container was simple and according to my rigger the reserve was also simple to install.
Everything needed to get you going is included, plus a belly band which was a nice inclusion.
I specified black metal parts and although at the moment (100 jumps in) they seem to be holding their colour, but time will tell. It does look good though

I also went for the extra padding, which on the Fire is the best way to go. The padding is thick and wraps round the edges so that there is no seam against the body.

I also went for the RSL over the SWS DRD system, but that’s a personal choice.

Having jumped it I can say it is very comfortable and is nice to fly. The position in the harness is somewhat different to my Javelin but nonetheless is great and harness input during my final turns is helped by this configuration.
All in all, apart from a couple of minor issues, I am more than happy with this container and when I do 500 jumps will update this review.
• Solid Construction
• Comfortable Harness
• Excellent Range of Options
• Good Main Closing System
• Looks Good IMHO

• Pouch on Semi Stowless Bag Too Small
• Excess Brake Line Keepers Do Not Hold Every Deployment
• No Slider Keeper on Risers
• Pin System For Brake Toggles Fiddly

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