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Forget anything you have ever heard or experienced. The Spectre is unlike any other canopy you have ever seen! In its first months after release, our tapered, zero porosity seven cell has already become one of the most popular canopies we have ever produced.

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Spectre 190 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: damir, 2012-12-21

I bought this canopy used from my dz. It had well over 600 jumps on it. Load is about 1:1. I get consistent 800ft soft openings. I even roll packed it and had about 700ft openings. The canopy is very responsive and fun to fly.

Glide angle is a little steep especially in higher winds. The canopy is ground hungry and flaring can be a little tricky. Once you get used to it you can adapt and land well. Would definitely consider buying another Spectre since I am used to it.

Finally, this was my first off student status canopy that I purchased. I was a little worried since my packing was not good yet, but I never had a hard opening. The openings are really phenomenal and soft. Very forgiving even in the worst pack jobs.

No thrills canopy 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: beach_bum, 2012-07-29

I have about 60 jumps on my spectre 190 loaded at 1.2 (ish).

I bought my spectre 190 because of being slapped around by other canopies and having a severe spine problem.

Openings: I've had some line twists, but only when other people packed it. I've done some "hasty" packs on it and ended up with a nice square canopy above my head every time. It has a very nice long and very snivel that is very forgiving on your spine, but if you don't have a skyhook you might want to ask you local instructors if you should go directly on your reserve if you jump below 2.5k.
On my canopy (sh with 1k+ jumps), I get off heading openings if I don't tuck the folds from one side with the folds from the other side when propacking. If I don't do this (or do it sloppy), I get turns from 0 to 180.

Flare: not great, but not bad. You should be able to land it quite safely on low experience (50 jumps), but listen to your (thosand jumps +) mates on the DZ on this.

Glide ratio: spectres are ground hungry ... I've had the chance to jump a saffire 2 189 and the time spent in the air is definitely shorter on the spectre.

Swoops: not my cup of tea and doubtfull you'd be able to win any prize on this.

Spectre 210 @ 1.21 WL 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: TerminalGravity, 2012-07-07

Got this canopy used with 480 jumps on it. It opens like a dream no matter how you pack it. With a pro pack I get consistent 700 ft. soft snively openings. Glide is surprisingly flat and it's awesome in deep brakes. Very stable in turbulence as well. It has fairly light toggle pressure at my 1.21 wing loading, although it takes a bit of pull to start a turn but when it turns it is snappy and recovers quick. Fronts are decent from full flight, better coming out of brakes. You can plane it out on landing or sink in nice and soft for a tiptoe if you want. When I beat this one to death, I will definately be getting another Spectre.

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