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Jump Shack  (10735 Hits)

Original design, available with "Trough or Velcro Sealed" riser covers. 32 colors of webbing and tapes and pack fabric colors. Three main deployment options, will accept all AAD's on main or reserve. Magnetic Riser Covers

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(Jump Shack) Racer (Classic) 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Captain-Color, 2018-01-30

I have owned two, bought them both new, 1985 & 2002. Love them both, very happy with every aspect of each one. I would never buy a different rig. Best rig in the sky. I may not be here today without them. safest rig ever made, period!

Racers in our sport in general 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SkydiveTemple, 2017-07-19

while I've slowed down in my jumping, I still look at Parachutist and always wonder why I don't see even a few Racers in RW formations, never in free flying and almost never in Advertising! I feel maybe the last is very important in their lack of use in the US along with us riggers badmouthing the packing miseries we have, real or not. It's the only rig I can wear in comfort and as an X-DZO, I bought and got rid of several of many of the modern rigs. They were either too stiff, too heavy, miserably uncomfortable or a combination of all! The Racer I have has never been any of these! Comfortable to wear on the ground, in the air and especially under canopy! SO why are they not as popular as others, even scorned at some DZ's! I've heard free flyers say, "They're not ff friendly"! I look at the Racer, then other rigs they're using and I don't ..., is a see it, my Racer's risers are covered as good and better than most, the BOC, well, is a BOC, althought I use a ROL that Nancy put on at my request. I've even been told it'll kill me..., yeah right, I've used a BOC since 1977 and I'm still alive. MAINTAIN your gear and practice your procedures and you'll find a Racer is a great rig. "Nuff said!"?

My Racer Classic. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: DocMallard, 2015-02-21

I started jumping in the early 1980’s. When I switched from the T-10/static line progression to AFF, the rigs I jumped were Racers.

Eventually I got my own gear, a Talon like my friends had. I jumped a few years, and then life intervened. I had to put my jumping, and flying on hold to pursue a dream.

Two decades later, I finally got to the point where the skies started calling my name again. My initial challenge was losing enough weight to jump. As I started losing weight, getting a rig came to mind.

I looked at the gear on the market. Oh how everything has changed! No more Velcro. The pilotchute has moved from the easily accessible leg-strap, to the bottom of the container.

When I looked at the current Talon models, it wasn’t anything like what I jumped in the day. The one rig that seemed familiar to me was the Racer.

I called Jumpshack, and started asking questions. Nancy did more than simply explain the product. She spent lots of time helping me learn where the sport had gone. What was new, and what was the same.

She patiently helped me with a lot of very technical questions that I had. The features I wanted in my gear began to take shape.

Well, the DZ I returned to the sky at used clunky, tent pack like, Student Vectors. I was stuck with these as rental gear, until my finances were in order to procure a new rig. They really were stiff and hard to move around in.

I finally got my order in, and some weeks later, my new Racer Classic arrived.

I jumped it the next day. It was quite a change from the stiff, box-like Vector! The fit was perfect, and I had much improved mobility around the aircraft. This is a very comfortable rig!

The rig is very well made. The magnetic riser covers work exactly as advertised. The rig is completely “Free Fly Friendly.”

The main bridle routing is designed to prevent the pin from snagging the bridle, and causing a pilot chute in tow malfunction.

The reserve pins are well protected from any external forces.

While there was a minor mix-up with the lines I ordered, I am very, very satisfied with my new rig.

The bottom line is that if I had the money, I would order another Racer tomorrow!

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