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The Velocity's rigid cross-braced structure and extremely responsive controls make it a long-standing staple in the high-performance canopy piloting community. Incredibly clean aerodynamics give this powerful wing a wide speed range and amazing performance opportunities when in the right hands. From opening to landing, this is a very capable but very demanding canopy.

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Landing at high altitude dropzones 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: freeflymarc, 2009-12-04

I live in a city which is about 7600 ft above sea level and have landed my stilettos 120 and 107 without a problem, but of course making my swooping turns much higher than when I'm at sea level.

I now have a Velocity 90 which I really like and have made 40 jumps on it but on dropzones between sea level and 2000 feet. My question is, has anyone landed a velo 90 or any velo at high altitude dropzones? Is it ok? Any advice (aside from "don't be a dumbass", or anything like that)? I have some exhibition jumps tomorrow and I'm debating if I should jump the velo or one of my stilettos.


Wow! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: 4dbill, 2009-09-13

Having jumped Sabre 170, Sabre 150, Sabre 135, Stiletto 135, none of the above compared to Velo 120 I just demo'ed over the weekend. Even with just 90 carve, which is what Lodi allows these days, it screamed across the sky. Two greatest things about Velo is that it does NOT plane out at the bottom of the arc, which means I can take my time flattening out at optimum height. With other canopies I have swooped, the arc had to be just about perfect, therefore less room for error. When I found myself slightly low on one of the turn, a slight tap on the brake was all it was needed to correct the angle. The response was incredible. Ideally, a good swooper should never turn too low, but almost almost everyone does once in a great moon, and when it does happen, the correction is incredibly responsive. It's definitely not a canopy for a beginner, since piloting to the ground has to be close to perfect, but for an established swoopers, it really can't get much better than this - fast, responsive, long recovery arc, excellent plane, tip toe landing. I am ordering my custom color next week. Yea! BTW, my wing load was around 2 to 1.


Velocity 120 @ 1.75 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: matt3sa, 2007-09-28

Lot's of fun. Actually would have rated it a 4.8 if PD's service wasn't so spectacular. Called and got the demo instantly. Had it within two days. Put nine jumps on it the first weekend. Then got weathered out on the following. Now keeping it for another week (thank you PD). Was flying a Cobalt 135 around 1.6 all season. First jump (after the most discraceful pack job) and it opens so soft and on heading. Very rigid in the air. Listening to the sound of the speed changes after dives was very informative. The recovery arc was excellent (very long and predictable). Still flies like an eliptical. Turns are quite responsive. Comparable to a stiletto with a faster glide, longer recovery arc and significantly less riser pressure. Front riser pressure is about the same as my Cobalt, maybe slightly stiffer. Rear risers are EXCELLENT. Very predictable due to light pressure. Really "cushy" and forgiving if you're already familiar with rear risers landings. Long swoops nice shut down. According to forums, the best WL is between 2.0 and 2.5, based on either speed or swoop distance. Looking forward to trying something within that range next season.

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