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The Cookie G2 Helmet represents a new begining in the design of Full-Face Flip Up Visor helmets used for skydiving. In close consultation with world champion teams such as Arizona Airspeed and Arizona Arsenal we we able to design and test the G2 in environments encountered by professional skydiving teams. Key criteria for the G2 helmet were - A Thicker Visor for better protection - A Visor locking system that cannot fail and leave the wearer with an open face sheild in freefall - A Low jaw line, increasing peripheral vision and communication - Increased ventilation for the hour long wind tunnel sessions The New G2 Helmet Features - Carbon Fibre outer shell - 2mm Injection molded poly-carbonate Visor with antifog coating That meets opitical standard - Secure Visor Locking Mechanism - Increased Peripheral Vision - d3o Impact protection liner - Front and rear vents - Velcro-less liner synching system - The ability to wear certain glasses beneath the visor

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Cookie G3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SwissSkydiver, 2012-07-21

I bought my helmet directly from Cookie Composites ! I think it's the best Full face helemt available on the market ! Very comfortable to wear, looking great, and your are not feeling the audible in the inside pocket of the helmet, and you have a great view to everything around you !

The Fist visor Version 1 had a bad fogging and crackling issue ! I contacted the customer service and they immediately sent the Version 2 ( for free) which is now almost perfect ! Sometimes it's lightly fogging in the area around the mouth, but I think we can overlook this ! I recommend this helmet to every sort of Skydiver

Review of Cookie g3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Littlelad, 2012-07-09

I see lots of reviews here for the older and superseded G2 yet none for the superb G3 helmet. I have put 50 jumps on mine through summer and now winter and I have to tell you, I love it. Well ventilated in summer, warm in winter (I donít even take it off in the plane). I use a dytter in the internal pocket and I donít even know it's there (until I hear it of course!). I have never had any issues with the visor fogging up and it is really easy to open under canopy once checks have been completed. I order mine from Cookie direct as they are about 50kms from my home, they delivered within a week as I told them I needed it to jump on the weekend. The only downside I can think of is that you canít get a G3 in carbon fiber. I wouldnít hesitate to recommend a Cookie G3 to anyone looking for a full face helmet.

First full face that fit 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: fly67, 2012-06-22

I tried a bunch of other helmets but none really fit my head. The G2 (small) fits well (if a little tight), so I have no worries about it falling off. Two audible slots are great since I use two. When I need one, my next helmet will probably be a G3.

Glad I have a full face since it already saved me from a possible broken nose from a jump in which a friend's foot/shoe slammed into the visor.

The original visor (from about a year ago) developed crackling. I asked Cookie for a replacement (sent a pic) and they sent one no questions asked.

Nice product...

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