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The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet

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The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet
The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up HelmetThe REvolve Full Face Flip-Up HelmetThe REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet
The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet
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Introducing the beginning of a new generation of full face helmets… The REvolve! The REvolve is unlike any other full face helmet on the market and it’s not just for RW anymore! With an evolved version of the Havok’s unique flip-up feature, this helmet’s entire face flips open leaving you with high peripheral vision when the helmet is both open and closed. The improved shape of the helmet provides superior performance by keeping unwanted wind flow outside of the helmet while still allowing the full head movement. The superb locking mechanism enables the face shield to easily rotate over the top of the helmet with the push of a button, but only when YOU want it to. So you don’t have to worry about it opening, even during the worst funnel; making it a perfect choice for RW, freefliers, and tunnel rats. What makes the REvolve so unique and unlike other helmets is the removable visor feature; this allows you to have an open face and full face helmet in one. Simply remove the visor and you have a sleek open face helmet! No tools required! The REvolve features a mounting surface for the Countour HD on left side and comes standard with dual internal audible pockets, Bonehead’s ingenious Thermal-Fit liner, chin-strap closure and also comes with the lens coated with anti-fog direct from the factory. In addition, we designed this helmet to accommodate glasses, large heads and odd shaped noggins! Available in three shell sizes for the perfect fit. Sizes: Extra Small - Up to 21.75" Small - Up to 22.50" Medium - Up to 22.75" Large - Up to 23.25" Extra Large - Up to 23.75" Extra Extra Large - Up to 24.00"

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Proper fit. Contour mount. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: begiffin, 2013-12-11

I purchased my Revolve through ChutingStar, they had it to me in 2 days. I used the measurement chart and ordered a XL. However, it was much too small.

I returned it for an XXL, which was still too tight, and I had problems with the lens fogging up. Presumably because the fit was too tight and not enough air was moving in the helmet.

I contacted BoneHead regarding the tight fit. They immediately emailed me back, and told me there were shims in the liners that I could remove. After removing one shim from each liner, the helmet fit fine.

I ordered the Contour mount and ran into a problem there, too. The camera would not go on the slide. I had to spend all night gently sanding the rails. I was very careful to sand it just right. After a lot of careful work, the camera fit on the rails perfectly.

I also found out that the Cookie Contour Rail Mount stopper fits the Revolve's Rail Mount.

Overall, I'm very happy with the helmet. I just wish that BoneHead would have given a little more info on adjusting the fit.

Blue Skies,


Peripheral vision 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: kolesik, 2013-10-12

Pros: I liked that I could keep the visor up until the jump door opened. The face shield never interfered with my prescription glasses, and I never worried too much about scratching the lense while in the aircraft.

Cons: I did not care for the lack of peripheral vision & it was not very air tight on my face. I had to add some folded up paper towel in the chin cup padding to reduce the constant problem of air entering the helmet. I also added some closed cell foam self adhesive weatherstripping along the inside of the face shield to help control the drafty helmet.

This may just be imagination, but I felt that the face-shield/chincup inhibited by ability to look back at the formation when doing RW. I was having trouble looking over my shoulder at the formation whenever I was turning 360's. I always felt that the large chin brace on the visor would hit my shoulders & I could not look behind me as far as I should be able to. I ended up selling my REvolve & bought a Cookie G3.

I am much happier with the G3 peripheral vision & airtight fit. I made a few jumps with a Phantom X & I really like that helmet as well.
Good Luck, I hope this review helps.

One amazing helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Drew86, 2013-02-20

I ordered directly from Boneheads website. The measurement recommendation tool was spot on with the size. It fitted me for a large helmet, which I was worried would be a little too big, but this thing fits like a glove. Outstanding construction inside and out. The carbon fiber lay is absolutely beautiful, the audible altimeter pockets are a huge plus, and the face shield mechanism works perfectly. If I flip the shield down too long before leaving the aircraft, the lens will start to fog up at the bottom, but the small vent allows any fogging to immediately dissipate. Like other reviewers have stated, it's a little tricky to find a spot to mount a GoPro, but I'll give that up for the superior construction any day. I highly recommend this helmet.

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