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- comfortable, consistent openings - soft and easy to master steering - good gliding performance - easy on front risers - stable and easy to perform flare - good swoop performance All of the above make Magellan your reliable fun partner in day-to-day skydiving activities. Loaded up to 1.2 lb/sq.ft. Magellan offers smooth steering and low descent rate, which makes it easy to handle also for the beginners. Recommended wing loading range is 0.95 1.85 lb/sq.ft. Wing loading for the best flight performance lies in the range of 1.2 1.6 lb/sq.ft.

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Magellan 150 (Load .90) 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: Dhave, 2018-04-02

Only had 2 flights. Opening was fast and a little hard. The second jump was almost a knock out spanking. I was stable and flat both deployments. Other than the hard opening I was ready to buy it.


magellan 150 (1.6 lbs/sqft w.l.) 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: thechemyst, 2016-08-23

After almost 500 jumps on my magellan i can say it is a great canopy to have. The vast majority of the openings are on heading soft and are not taking for ever. I have had the odd hard opening, but very rare and nothing too hard.What i have noticed is that the snatch force is greater relative to other canopies, like the crossfire, but again nothing too uncomfortable. Where this canopy is at its best is wingsuit openings:in around 100 jumps i ONLY experienced soft, on heading, no stress openings whatever the speed, whatever the position on opening. I have also jumped a storm 150 (about 40 jumps) with a wingsuit, it was great but the magellan was better. The canopy also flies back from long spots easy, and with my wing loading, i have managed to do some decent "swoops" from 90 degree turns only. The flare is great, similar to a sabre2. The material and the stitching is same quality with top manufacturers, but the price is better.
p.s. i can say that after all those jumps with this canopy, i NEVER had to kick it out of a line twist. sometimes (very rare) i had some line twists, but they always resolved themselves, before i had time to do anything.


Magellan 120 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skydiver25, 2016-06-14

i have done on this canopy more than 350 jumps. During this time it showed itself from the best side. The openings were always fast but also soft, unpretentious in packing. Exit arc was not long, but if make a good 90, swooping will be very nice. In general it's a very very good canopy.

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