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The Samurai is our high performance 9-Cell elliptical parachute equipped with “Airlocks". Based on the Jedei Sweptwing, the Samurai is a versatile airfoil that will please both conservative experienced skydivers, and super-swoopers alike. The rigid feel of the wing is reminiscent of the Jedei, but without the severe “ground-hungriness” that many customers didn’t like. Make no mistake, however, the Samurai will out-swoop the Jedei both in overall distance as well as in softness of the touchdown.

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Samurai- AC on Big Air 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: aarco, 2012-02-16

I have test jumped a number of flying systems and am looking at getting back into it -with the ASA - the cool thing about- Big Air sports tech is its all new and in the right place - Brians mind makes the system - he has never been wrong - and when he has his hands on the right tools look out- I mean the guy sees liquid when desighning - the Samurai is a powerful shape along side the Jedei -


Samurai 136 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: EFS4LIFE, 2011-05-11

I have a Samurai 136. I had Brian Germain install a pocketed slider because I have a bad neck from a motorcycle accident and quick openings suck for me. If you like a snivel I suggest having a rigger do this! Warning though it can take 1000 feet to open so don't be pulling low with one installed. Airlocks are awesome. As Brian has stated NO canopy is collapse proof, but all you have to do is fly one with airlocks and see that wing still inflated laying on the ground and my money is betting they are in fact safer. You can definitely feel how more rigid the wing is than an open cell type. The accordian effect that gave me that little uneasy feeling is gone. I still would not jump in questionable winds, but I feel more confident under my Sam. Brian has stopped major production unfortunately. Pick one up used while you can! I will update with flight characteristics later when I have more jumps under it.

Samurai 105 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: spud, 2008-03-05

Had a Jedei 105, got a Samurai 105. Great canopy from opening to landing. Has got me back from some really long spots while others have landed off. Cant wait to see what Brian has up next.

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