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Blow Switch

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Blow Switch
Blow Switch
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You can now trigger your still camera's shutter hands-free with this compact mouth activated remote shutter release. The Blow Switch (a micro-switch/diaphragm combination) is about the size of your thumb and can be positioned almost anywhere on the helmet. To trigger the still camera you simply blow lightly into the small diameter hose that you route down to your lips. Short puffs into the hose fire off single shots while a constant blowing pressure will yield continuous shooting. One great thing about this camera trigger is that it can't be damaged by over biting like many of today's popular mouth switches. To use the Blow Switch your camera must accept a remote shutter release and you must have the wired plug-in to fit your particular camera. To install simply cut your shutter release's button off and solder the two wires that trip your camera's shutter to the two terminals on the Blow Switch's micro-switch. The kit includes the micro-switch/diaphragm unit, pressure hosing and installation instructions.

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