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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

Altimaster Neptune2

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Altimaster Neptune2
Altimaster Neptune2
Alti-2 Inc  (6901 Hits)

Get the latest Neptune features for free Waterproof, not just water resistant User friendly menu system Automatically changes to GROUND, AIRCRAFT, FREEFALL and CANOPY modes Display can be electronically flipped Electroluminescent backlight Selectable units: feet or meters Audible Alarm Details Four groups of personalized audible alarm settings Canopy alarms adjustable in 10' increments Freefall alarms adjustable in 100' increments Logbook Details Detailed logbook to record your skydives electronically Logs CRW, wingsuit, hop & pop, and high altitude jumps Infrared interface for downloading log to Paralog client software Other Features Automatic calibration for DZ altitude (manual override is available) 40,000+++ feet MSL altitude range Altitude is measured 16 times a second to ensure accuracy Training mode simulates normal freefall and descent rate for normal deployment, high speed and low speed malfunctions Uses 1 commonly available DL2450 battery Neptune2 is now only available as the Ruggedized model.

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Saved a ton of money on an altimeter 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: lyosha, 2014-02-25

Got one of these used for $150. Updated firmware (VirtualBox + Windows XP 32 bit from piratebay + Polar ir sensor off ebay worked well).

Alti-2 sent me a new battery cover to replace the chipped one for free. Great service. If I ever need to replace this thing I'll get another Neptune.

Basically got me an almost N3 for less than half the cost. Customer service took a couple of days to reply, but were very caring and accomodative.


My Neptune 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: firemedic, 2013-03-01

I bought my first Neptune in 2008. Used it for fun and doing tandems. 2009 it really started going through batteries. Issue with the firmware was reported. No worries. I bought a new one (Late 2009) cause I like them. No issues with it so far. Finally decided to send the old one to Alti for repair. Tried for a month to get in touch. No reply to my e mails or calls. Finally got someone after a month of trying. Got my RMA# and sent it in. Didn't hear a word for over a month. Started calling, E-mailing, etc. After 3 1/2 months got email saying they were having issues with their parts vendor. Said it would be sent in about 6 weeks. Over the next 6 weeks I got e mails making further excuses and some of the e mails were basically stating the same thing but sent by different people. Finally got notice it was on the way. Got it today. Installed the new battery (provided by Alti) It wouldn't turn on. Yes it was installed correctly according to the manual. I really liked the Neptune II but I will NEVER buy any more products from Alti-2 because of the customer service. If you are in the market for an altimeter I recommend you avoid Alti 2 products. Sure it works well but if you need service you will be VERY disappointed.

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