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Whether you are looking for a great first helmet, or you want something rugged but don't want to pay for an expensive composite shell, then the Benny is just right for you. It's high impact ABS shell will take a beating but won't break the bank. With easy to change liners, you can replace or re-size in a matter of minutes. The Benny was completely designed for Skydiving, so why settle for anything else.

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Good entry level helmet 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Pat007, 2013-10-06

Wanted to reward myself after passing AFF, but not spend a lot of money, and settled on the new Advanced Benny. It fits much better than the DZ's Protecs, has more style (in my opinion) than Protecs, and gives me the option of installing audible altimeters in either or both ears. My real only complaint is that the liner is held in place with some poorly-placed velcro patches. The liners for the ears are separate from the main liner and are held with 3 small velcro patches, one of which is glued right on the attachment point for the chin strap webbing. This gives very little surface area for the glue to hold, and the first time I tried to remove the liner to look at how to install an audible, the glue gave way. I think I solved this at least temporarily by regluing using contact cement, but doubt it will hold up well if I actually repeatedly remove the liner when using an audible.

I think this is a good entry level helmet, but be careful when peeling out the liner.

Seemed like a good idea 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Groundrush, 2013-05-26

I bought this helmet because it was inexpensive and because of the awesome goggle channel. The goggle channel seemed like a great idea ; take the goggles down just before you get out of the plane without taking the helmet of.

But you can't remove the strap on most goggles, and the goggle channel can't be opened, so I had to make my own custom goggle strap to fit my goggles.

But it turned out to be a waste of time. The goggles are way to loose in the sides because the goggle channel is routed on the outside of the liner. If I tighten the goggles more than this, it's really uncomfortable and I can't put the goggles up on the 'forehead' of the helmet any more.

The goggle channel is a great idea, but it just doesn't work.

The helmet itself is just fine. Fits nicely and provides good protection. The surface gets scratched pretty easily though.

great and comfortable helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: J0nathan, 2012-03-17

Great helmet

The only bad thing I noticed was that the glue with which the velcro is attached to the helmet on the inside is a bit lose, but that isn't really a problem and can be fixed easily.

Other than that the benny is amazing

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