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Optima II

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Optima II
Optima II
Larsen & Brusgaard  (12723 Hits)

L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA II™! The OPTIMA II™ is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection OPTIMA II™ is so accurate that it has an added set of warning beeps that can be set for a specific altitude during normal and high speed landing approaches. This feature has been added to aid both swoopers and conservative pilots alike find the “sweet spot” for initiating landing sequences. It is recommended that your eyesight and your experience be the primary source of determining at what altitude to start your landing sequence or pattern approaches Hail the return of the visual warning light for audible altimeters! L&B has made the ability to increase your altitude awareness by adding a visual LED port to warn you at the altitudes you set. (by special order)

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Quattro Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rjblake, 2014-07-21

This is actually for the L&B Quattro since it is not listed under the gear section. My first audible and has been a great help. Fits perfectly in my FreeZR helmet, audible prompts are spot on and can be clearly heard both in freefall and under canopy. The low speed under canopy signals make things simpler and allow you to focus on the skies around you for other canopies as opposed to constant checks of your alti. I still do a quick double check on my alti and eyeball the height to make extra sure. Arrive at DZ, turn it on and jump for the day - couldn't be easier.

Optima II 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BartPennings, 2013-08-23

I've started using my Optima II after 45 jumps. Of course you need altitude awareness and confidence with a altimeter first, but what's wrong with a back up??
I did a jump with a broken altimeter (not my Altitrack :-) ). Fortunately it was one of my AFF jumps (intructor gave my the signal to pull) because I found out the altimeter was broken under my canopy. After a couple of 360 turns it still said 3000ft. I had enough experience to know that I lost height and found a safe landing spot. If this happened during a solo jump I'm sure my AAD would have activated. So, why no back up?

Back to the Optima II.
Because of my good experience with my Altitrack I decided to stay with L&B for my audible as well. I chose this one and not the Solo II because it has multiple free fall profiles.
I can switch easily between 4 profiles and my beeps under the canopy are the same every jump. I really like the glide path and it has improved my landings.

If I had to buy one today (2013) I'd get the new Quattro because it gives me more options.


L&B Customer Service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: L_Settlemires, 2013-01-02

I owned an Optima and just got the new Optima II. I cannot brag enough on L&B customer service! If you are on the fence about which audible or device to purchase, just stick with L&B and you can't go wrong. I wish more companies took care of their customers like they do. They have a customer for life!

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