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This item has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

The MAMBA Helmet

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The MAMBA Helmet
The MAMBA Helmet
Bonehead Composites  (10276 Hits)

Welcome to BoneHead's latest addition to Full-Face Flip-Up Helmets. The MAMBA from Bonehead Composites is a great choice for RW jumpers with its full face security and the ability to flip open the lens quickly and easily without sacrificing keeping closed in freefall. The new lens closing mechanism requires the jumper to squeeze the lens together to allow the closing pin to be released from it's locking position at the forehead area in order not to make a push-in button on the chin susceptible to knock and unwanted lens openings during the most intense skydives. The MAMBA features dual internal audible pockets on the inside of the helmet, great peripheral vision, a heavy neoprene neck liner to help with fogging lenses and noise, a FASTEX chin strap closure with padded strap, front Chin-Dam wind deflector to keep unwanted wind flow out of the inside of the helmet and a shape that allows full head movement and the ability to see and locate emergency handles. The MAMBA comes standard with BH's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner, chin-strap closure and also comes with the lens coated with anti-fog direct from the factory.

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Great helmet for RW/every day 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jschulman, 2011-06-10

Had my Mamba for just over 150 jumps now. Took me about a minute to figure out how to open the visor the first time, now it's like second nature. It's a lot easier to open when you are wearing it. The back of the helmet is adjustable to accommodate different size heads/necks. Not the easiest to figure out how to adjust the first time or the quickest. But once you adjust it, you shouldn't have to again.

Taken quite a few kicks to the head/face with combat RW work :) Helmet stands up great, have a few small scratches on the visor, but I suppose it is replaceable if I wanted to. Also jump with a GoPro, mount stays on great but doesn't allow the Visor to open 100%. Over time the visor has gotten a little loose, but was able to remedy that with 92 cents worth of rubber washers from Lowes. Put them between the Visor and Helmet on the pins. Works great now.

Have two ditters in it, can always hear them easily and never had an issue with them getting scratched by the pins from the visor. The pin system for the visor is a cotter pin, it will not come out very easily and certainly not on its own.

Also I have jumped out a few times and forgot to close my visor all the way and it stayed on, I just closed it in freefall. Well built strong. Also use this helmet in the wind tunnel. Never a problem.


Pretty Good 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: GoHuskers, 2011-06-06

The Mamba is pretty good. I like the fact that its quiet enough to hear my audible. I've had problems with my Protec and Nvertigo. If you want a quiet ride this is a good helmet. It goes on super quick in the aircraft so I don't have to worry about getting it on until the plane levels out. It only takes a couple seconds.
What I don't like about it. It doesn't fit very well. Sometimes it seems tight, sometimes it feels good, last time air was rushing in on the left side of my jaw. The visor doesn't quite marry up with the unit all that well. It makes me think the pin and hole retaining system will fail someday as 3/4's of the pin doesn't get into the hole. There should be some type of tightening system that runs through the back of the helmet. All that retains the helmet on your head is ergonomics and a chin strap. I particularly dislike the internal audible pockets. I don't understand why the designer thought putting an expensive audible right next to the only nuts and bolts on the helmet is beyond me. I solved the problem by building a little pad of electric tape and cardboard against the nut but it almost makes the audible not fit. The only other thing I don't like about this helmet is that you cant talk to anyone else once you've put it on regardless of having the visor up. Its annoying when someone says something at the last minute or you can't alert someone on the dropzone that you're coming in on final near them.
The helmet is very secure. I've made about 15 sitfly skydives in the helmet without issue.

Sturdy and light great helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: chrizbreck, 2010-10-19

So I recently received my helmet and had read before that glasses with this helmet can be an issue.

I wear the I guess 'modern' style glasses with the black rims and rectangular shape. Anyway the helmet fits my head great and is nice and snug but my glasses have fractions between the outer most points on either side and the lens. It not tot big an issue I just have to remember to push my glasses up before throwing down the visor.

When it comes to the lock, people say that it is confusing to open... it took me about 15 seconds to figure out how to do it. Even if you do take a bit to get used to it once you have the idea down its not something your going to forget.

Overall I love this helmet and would recommend it to anyone =)
-See ya in the sky!

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